The Most Comprehensive and Integrated View of Network Health

Tenable CEO Ron Gula speaks with Rick Holland of Forrester Research to describe Tenable’s Market Defining Continuous Monitoring Platform that provides a unique combination of detection, reporting and pattern recognition utilizing industry recognized algorithms and models.

Critical Capabilities

Tight integration and API extensibility with SIEMs, malware defenses, patch management tools, BYOD, firewalls and virtualization systems

Vulnerability Management

Next Gen Vulnerability Management

Find vulnerable assets, assets under attack and compromised systems by analyzing scan, sniff and log correlation data

Continuous Monitoring

Malware Detection

Detection of malicious processes, rogue network communications and AV events

Continuous Monitoring

Compliance and Patch Monitoring

Compliance and patch monitoring, and verification of audit controls

Continuous Monitoring

Network Behavior Analysis

Passive network monitoring and NetFlow analysis


Log Collection

Event log collection, normalization and categorization

Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

Quick and easy access to enterprise data across your network

Incident Response

Incident Response

Streamlined workflow and incident resolution through user and asset modeling

Asset Discovery

Mobile, Virtual and Cloud Coverage

100% discovery of all assets, including transient devices

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Scale for the Future

Scales to meet future demand for monitoring virtualized systems, cloud services and the proliferation of devices.

You Name It, We Audit It

More supported technologies than any other vendor including operating systems, network devices, hypervisors, databases, tablets, phones, web servers and critical infrastructure.

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Achieve Peace of Mind

Continuous Monitoring

SC CV’s proactive continuous monitoring identifies your biggest risk across the entire enterprise

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React Quickly

SC CV enables you to react to advanced threats, zero-day vulnerabilities and new forms of regulatory compliance


Largest Installed Base

Because Tenable has the largest installed based and best know-how, we see security and compliance issues before our competitors do

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