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Continuous Network Monitoring is a new, innovative way to continuously measure and visualize the effectiveness of your security program and gain assurance that your security team is addressing the highest priority security problems to secure their business at any time. Tenable’s SecurityCenter Continuous View™ is the only continuous network monitoring platform, which provides the most comprehensive and integrated view of enterprise health.

  • Broadest coverage of networks, devices, systems, virtual, mobile, and cloud services
  • In-depth detection of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware and real-time threats
  • Advanced analytics with actionable information and trending to prioritize events/alerts
  • Highly customizable dashboards, reports, and workflows for rapid response
  • Continuous assurance using ARCs that measure effectiveness of security investments
It’s a home-run with an all-in-one Tenable solution that enables me to prioritize security risks and assess security posture of my enterprise at any time

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SecurityCenter Continuous View Challenges Diagram

Challenges addressed by Continuous Network Monitoring

  • Reduce attack Surface: Proactively identify and remove vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware on devices, hosts, and applications.
  • Eliminate Blind Spots: Passively monitor network traffic to take an inventory of all assets communicating on the network, and identify activity associated with security breaches.
  • Optimize Defenses: Get contextual insight into system activity by aggregating and correlating log data, and extract actionable forensic analytics at the host/network level.
  • Resolve Uncertainty: Identify and prioritize real-time threats based on external or built-in threat intelligence and rapidly respond to them to reduce risk.
  • Ensure Compliance: Measure effectiveness of security based on security policies and controls that are aligned with high-level objectives of compliance mandates
  • Comprehensive Visibility: Gain comprehensive visibility into vulnerabilities and threats, with advanced analytics, highly configurable dashboards/reports, and workflows.
SecurityCenter Continuous View Platform Diagram

Tenable’s Continuous Network Monitoring Solution

Tenable’s Continuous Network Monitoring platform, SecurityCenter CV™ integrates vulnerability analytics from Nessus, network analytics from Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS™), and user/host activity from the Log Correlation Engine™ to provide the most comprehensive view of enterprise health.

  • Nessus®: The most widely deployed vulnerability scanner for broad and deep active scans of all network devices, systems, and applications to reduce the attack surface.
  • Passive Vulnerability Scanner™: Continuously monitors network traffic to eliminate blind spots, by identifying vulnerabilities and threats in real-time.
  • Log Correlation Engine™: Aggregates, correlates, and analyzes user and network activity from log data from network devices, endpoints, and application servers across the enterprise, and provides actionable analytics.

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