The Most Widely Deployed Vulnerability Assessment Solution

Nessus has been deployed by more than one million users across the globe for vulnerability, configuration and compliance assessments. Nessus prevents network attacks by identifying the vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers use to penetrate your network.

2015 SC Magazine Best Buy

SC Magazine gave Nessus five stars and named it a Best Buy

“Superb value for money and good feature set”


Broad Asset Coverage

Nessus supports the widest range of network devices, operating systems, databases, applications in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.


Multiple Scanning Options

Nessus supports non-credentialed, remote scans as well as credentialed, local scans for deeper, granular analysis of assets that are online as well as offline or remote scans. Nessus can scan on IPv4, IPv6 and hybrid networks.


Deep Database of Configuration & Compliance Templates

More than 450 templates are available for compliance auditing for FFIEC, FISMA, CyberScope, GLBA, HIPAA/ HITECH, NERC, PCI, SCAP, and SOX as well as configuration auditing for CERT, CIS, COBIT/ITIL, DISA STIGs, FDCC, ISO, NIST, and NSA.


Threat Detection

To protect your network from attacks, Nessus scans for viruses, malware, backdoors, hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems, known/unknown processes as well as web services linking to malicious content.


Report & Take Action

Report what matters to responsible parties with exploitability, severity modification, scan scheduling and deliver remediation reports via targeted emails.


Upgrade Path

Customers who want to share scan resources, integrate scanning with patch management systems or use advanced features like Nessus Agents can upgrade to Nessus Cloud or Nessus Manager vulnerability management.


10 Steps for Achieving Effective
Vulnerability Management

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