Meet PCI DSS Requirements with Tenable

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council requires that all companies, including third party service providers, that are involved in the transmission, processing or storage of credit and debit card data, must adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard on an ongoing basis and demonstrate compliance annually.

Tenable™ offers a variety of solutions that help your company meet or monitor a majority of PCI DSS technical requirements and monitor your cardholder data environment to maintain a secure and compliant state. Tenable’s continuous network monitoring™ capabilities enable organizations to track the “business as usual” activities stipulated in the latest version of the PCI DSS.

Your Security is Our Priority


Security First, PCI Compliance Second

Our resident PCI expert explains why the PCI DSS should be implemented as a "business as usual" practice and part of an organization’s overall security strategy.

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Discussion Forum

Straight Talk about PCI

The PCI Discussion Forum is a “safe” place where one can ask questions related to any and all aspects of PCI. Tenable’s resident PCI expert, Jeff Man, offers his extensive knowledge and experience to the PCI Community.

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Solution Sheet

Tenable and PCI Security

So how can Tenable help? Tenable’s industry-leading products can help meet (and exceed) each of the twelve requirements put forth by the PCI DSS.

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How Tenable Can Help


Vulnerability Scanning

Nessus®, the world’s most widely deployed vulnerability scanner, can be used to meet all PCI DSS internal scanning requirements. Nessus Manager enables vulnerability scanning for all your retail locations, and with Nessus Cloud, Tenable’s certified PCI ASV solution, you can satisfy quarterly external scanning requirements.

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SecurityCenter Continuous View

Continuous Compliance

SecurityCenter Continuous View™ (SecurityCenter CV™) offers centralized intelligence for maintaining and demonstrating continuous compliance with the PCI DSS. With SecurityCenter CV, Tenable’s continuous network monitoring platform, you can detect POS malware, unauthorized access, and other malicious activities with near real-time monitoring and log review.

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PCI DSS ebook

PCI DSS: Practical Guidelines for Compliance

The PCI Data Security Standard is jam packed with prescriptive requirements that can be difficult for any organization to sort through. This guide demystifies some of the myths surrounding the PCI DSS and presents practical recommendations that can help any organization with successful compliance.

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