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Is Cyber Insurance Your Last Line of Defense?

In a new article on BetaNews, Tenable’s Jeffrey Man discusses the viability of cybersecurity insurance for companies that experience payment card breaches. “Is cyber insurance your last line of defense?” examines the impact of litigation on retailer liability and PCI compliance.

Is MS14-066 the Windows Shellshock?

The latest Patch Tuesday from Microsoft (November 11, 2014) includes fixes for some major vulnerabilities, including remote code execution bugs affecting core Windows components and Internet Explorer.

Old Malware Threats Re-emerge

This week, the industry press is reporting a resurgence of older malware threats with new capabilities. And as usual, the press is making the threats sound like the end of the Internet as we know it. While both threats are serious, there is no need to panic.

Blaming Victims

At a recent conference, I heard a security practitioner blame a couple of users for being dummies who click on everything. He then said, “At a certain point, it's reasonable to blame the user.

Identifying the Weakest Links in Cyber Kill Chains®

In today’s security environment, with highly motivated cyber attackers employing increasingly sophisticated techniques to break through commonly deployed defenses, just one skillful intruder can infiltrate your systems with one carefully crafted attack path to a relat