Tenable Product Evaluation Guide for HIPAA

Purchasers of security compliance solutions require a time efficient evaluation period to maximize the use of their resources. This document highlights features of Tenable products that apply to the standards and implementation specifications of the HIPAA Security Rule. Tenable maintains dedicated regionalized sales teams to assist in technical and non-technical issues during an evaluation period.

It highlights the sections, standards and implementation specifications within the HIPAA Security Rule that Tenable products can help in building security and workflow based software processes in support of compliance standards within the overall HIPAA Security Rule. In addition, the paper highlights areas of functionality to explore during an evaluation. The purpose of this paper is not to be a supplement to an organization’s documented adherence to the HIPAA Security Rule. The HIPAA Security Rule includes recommendations for formalized processes and plans for the protection of EPHI, which cannot be satisfied by computer software or hardware alone. This paper is not a replacement for legal counsel or experienced Security and HIPAA compliance professionals.

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