Speed Up Incident Response with Actionable Forensic Analytics

Cyber criminals are using advanced targeted attacks and modern malware to bypass traditional security controls and easily steal credit card data, company sensitive information, and national secrets. According to the 2013 Ponemon Report1, the average total organizational cost of data breach in the US alone was $5.4 Million, followed by Germany ($4.8M) and Australia ($4.1M). In part, these costs are due to delays in breach detection, which can often take weeks to months after the initial compromise. Delays occur because security teams do not have actionable forensic data to pinpoint compromised hosts or identify sensitive data that has been stolen.

Tenable provides a comprehensive continuous network monitoring solution that enables you to rapidly respond to security incidents, by providing actionable forensic data that can help detect incidents more accurately. In this paper, we will explore the forensic analytics and incident response capabilities of Tenable SecurityCenterTM Continuous View (SC CV), a network security platform that identifies vulnerabilities, reduces risk, and ensures compliance. Topics covered will include:

  • Recognizing how organizational silos and inefficient process inhibit the effectiveness of IT and Security Operations.
  • Gathering actionable forensic analytics data is needed to identify advanced attacks both at the network and host levels.
  • Responding to security incidents requires flexible techniques that leverage both workflows and automation.

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