Dangerous Liaisons: BYOD, Virtualization, the Cloud, and "the Untouchables"

Changes in technology come fast and furious—so it’s not surprising to learn that traditional network scanning solutions miss up to 40% of connections. Any one of them could be a threat. Increased use of mobile devices, the cloud, virtual systems, and the inevitable “untouchable” IT resources all expose you to new malware risks every day. Your job as guardian of network security is just getting harder.

In a whitepaper from Tenable™, discover how to protect your network with continuous detection of unauthorized activity, attacks, and potential compromises. You can stay one step ahead of network threats with passive vulnerability scanning that will help you:

  • Uncover application usage and vulnerabilities by sniffing network traffic
  • Detect "hidden" vulnerabilities behind firewalled hosts
  • Identify transient devices like smartphones and tablets, and report associated vulnerabilities
  • Passively detect vulnerabilities in SCADA systems and software

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