The Heartbleed Playbook

April 15, 2014 3:00pm EDT

Remediating CVE-2014-0160 AKA Heartbleed in your environment is no one-and-done event. But, this stinker does have a silver lining. View the following webcast to find out how Heartbleed might just transform the way you manage security ops – for the better.

Let’s cut to the chase. Join Paul Asadoorian, and Jack Daniel to find out how you will reduce the time, complexity and cost of finding and remediating Heartbleed – and every other vulnerability-induced security headache – with vulnerability management solutions from Tenable.

Get Heartbleed under control.

Only Tenable offers 100% asset discovery, real-time continuous monitoring, powerful security analytics and automation to get the job done faster (so you can have a life).


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