Taking Vulnerability Management to the Next Level: The Case for Integral Attack Path Analysis

June 19, 2012 6:00pm EDT

Description: Are your high-value servers and the data they contain really safe from attack, even with multiple countermeasures in place? Given today’s highly motivated attackers and the increasingly sophisticated threats they are generating it is not surprising that patching, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and other commonly deployed defenses are no longer sufficient. Unfortunately, all it takes is a single, seemingly unimportant system to provide skilled attackers with a beachhead they can use to work their way through and around your defenses. Tenable’s next-generation vulnerability management, with integrated attack path analysis capabilities provides the answer, delivering the tools, insights, and intelligence organizations need to identify and close off otherwise overlooked attack paths – while simplifying infrastructure and streamlining operations in the process.

Join AimPoint Group Founder and Principal Analyst Mark Bouchard and Tenable CEO Ron Gula and learn:

  • Why traditional vulnerability management fails to measure up
  • What’s needed to efficiently identify and close common attack paths
  • Processes, tips and techniques for conducting attack path analysis
  • The benefits that can be derived from a next-generation vulnerability management solution with integral attack path analysis capabilities


Mark Bouchard, AimPoint Group Founder and Principal Analyst
Ron Gula, Tenable CEO

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