Realizing the New Capabilities of Your Nessus Enterprise Cloud Subscription

June 12, 2014
6:00pm EDT

Designed to show former Nessus Perimeter Service subscribers the new features they have with Nessus Enterprise Cloud, this webcast will showcase new capabilities in, and best practices for, Nessus Enterprise Cloud. Subscribers will learn how, with Nessus Enterprise Cloud, they can now:

  • Share multiple Nessus scanners including scan schedules, policies, and results
  • Develop role-based control of scanners (administrator, standard and read-only)
  • Create unlimited numbers of groups such as IT or security analysts, internal auditors, risk and compliance analysts, Windows administrators, Linux administrators, etc.
  • Share vulnerability and compliance information with specified users

Plus, we’ll cover best practices for making the most of your Nessus Enterprise Cloud vulnerability management solution.


Paul Asadoorian, Product Evangelist, Tenable Network Security
Jeff Man, PCI Evangelist, Tenable Network Security

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