Are You A Step Ahead Of Sophisticated Threats like Heartbleed?

May 8, 2014 6:00pm EDT

Major security breaches every week. Millions of strains of malware. You get the picture. And it’s unsettling.

Security professionals are faced with a growing number of increasingly complex threats from sophisticated hackers, determined cyber-criminals and malicious insiders. These threats are designed to evade traditional security solutions by leveraging vulnerabilities across products, processes and organizational silos. Add compliance mandates and now you have untold pressure on security analysts’ time.

In just 35 minutes, Aarij Khan, Director of Product Marketing at Tenable Network Security, and Ken Bechtel, Malware Research Guru, will share their insights about...

  • The gaps in organizations used by hackers to compromise critical IT assets
  • Examples of complex threats and attacks breaching organizations today
  • Best practices that help security professionals stay ahead of threats they face


Aarij Khan, Director of Product Marketing, Tenable Network Security
Ken Bechtel, Malware Research Guru, Tenable Network Security

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