Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices are now a pervasive part of the enterprise IT landscape with each bringing unique security and management risk that can undermine their business benefits.

  • Mobile devices evade traditional vulnerability and compliance management methods.
  • Mixed ownership/control models (corporate vs. BYOD) create policy gaps.
  • They often operate beyond corporate boundaries, increasing exposure to malware.

Tenable SecurityCenter CV and Nessus solutions identify the security and compliance exposure that these new technologies create so you can mitigate risk quickly and maximize their business advantage.

  • Identify rogue (unknown and/or unwanted) mobile devices
  • Identify and classify mobile device vulnerabilities
  • Identify mobile user/device activities, such as applications and services being used
  • Identify policy violations, as well as drains on user productivity
  • Identify the overall level of risk attributable to mobile devices

Mobile Device Tracking

Manage Mobile Risks with SecurityCenter

Tenable SecurityCenter™ CV provides organization-wide management of mobile device risk and compliance. Unlike other vulnerability management solutions, SecurityCenter CV combines active scanning, passive network monitoring, log event aggregation, and integration with mobile device and patch and configuration management solutions to deliver powerful results including:

  • Mobile device discovery, inventory and automated vulnerability assessment
  • Correlation of system state analysis with known exploits, malware and botnets
  • Mobile device response and mitigation

Nessus Mobile Device Audit

Find Mobile Vulnerabilities with Nessus

Security administrators and compliance auditors can use the Tenable Nessus® vulnerability scanner and its built-in integration with Apple® Profile Manager, Microsoft® Exchange via Active Directory®, MobileIron MDM, and Good Technology™ Good for Enterprise to:

  • Enumerate iOS, Android-based, and Windows Phone devices accessing the corporate network
  • Provide detailed mobile device information, including serial number, model, version, timestamp of last connection, and user
  • Detect known mobile vulnerabilities, including out-of-date versions of Apple iOS
  • Discover jailbroken iOS devices

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