SecurityCenter Report Templates

FireEye Status Report

by Josef Weiss
June 12, 2014

This Report and all associated components require the following:

  • Nessus audit file, and successful post scan audit file results. [TNS_BestPractice_FireEye.audit]
  • FireEye Dynamic Asset. [FireEye Appliances]

This report leverages the Tenable FireEye Best Practices Audit, and Dynamic Asset to provide security settings and other useful information on FireEye device configuration to an administrator.

Requirements are:

CVE Iterator Report

by Josef Weiss
June 3, 2014

This report displays CVE vulnerability information. The first section of the report provides graphical CVE summary results in 5 year blocks by severity. It is followed by a CVE Trend over the last 90 days, a mitigated CVE total bar chart, and a pie chart of existing CVE severity vulnerabilities for the last 5 years.

Chapter two displays a table of all CVE Vulnerabilities by CVE ID, the severity, and number of hosts/totals that contain the vulnerability.

Three charts are presented:

Nessus Scan Report (Top 5)

by Josef Weiss
May 20, 2014

For customers who use Nessus for vulnerability scanning and then move to SecurityCenter, vulnerability reporting may be somewhat challenging. This report mimics the look and feel of a typical Nessus scanner vulnerability report. This report is similar to a previously released report titled 'Nessus Scan Report'. This report limits the results to the Top 5 Vulnerabilities, for each severity level, across the scanned hosts.