Software Inventory

by Dave Breslin
April 24, 2012


Three templates have been provided to list software installed on Windows, UNIX and Linux hosts. The sample above was cut from one of three chapters produced by the "Software Inventory" template and summarizes several unsupported software issues. To see a full report use the appropriate download example link.

Nessus through credentialed scanning can enumerate software installed on hosts. If you are interested in reading more about this the Tenable blog post Enterprise Software Discovery with Nessus is a good source of information.

SecurityCenter uses the results from these two Nessus plugins, as mentioned in the blog post, to maintain an enterprise software inventory list:

20811 Microsoft Windows Installed Software Enumeration (credentialed check)
22869 Software Enumeration (SSH)

The "Software Inventory" template produces a PDF report with three chapters. The "Windows Software Inventory" chapter lists the software installed on Windows hosts with installation counts. It also provides an initial list of the Windows hosts that were used to build its consolidated inventory list.  The "UNIX/Linux Software Inventory" chapter follows the same structure but is for software installed on UNIX and Linux hosts. The "Unsupported Software" chapter is the final chapter and both summarizes and details unsupported software issues. An unsupported software issue reported by a Nessus plugin can be the result of multiple software versions installed on the same host and the chapter provides this level of detail, see the example below:


The "Windows Software Inventory Export" and "UNIX and Linux Software Inventory Export" templates provide an alternative to listing software inventory in a very large PDF document. They both use SecurityCenter's ability to produce a CSV file, instead of a PDF report, which can be opened in spreadsheet software for reviewing and searching. The examples provided for the templates are CSV files produced by running the templates.