CVE Iterator Report

by Josef Weiss
June 3, 2014

This report displays CVE vulnerability information. The first section of the report provides graphical CVE summary results in 5 year blocks by severity. It is followed by a CVE Trend over the last 90 days, a mitigated CVE total bar chart, and a pie chart of existing CVE severity vulnerabilities for the last 5 years.

Chapter two displays a table of all CVE Vulnerabilities by CVE ID, the severity, and number of hosts/totals that contain the vulnerability.

Three charts are presented:

  • Overall CVE outstanding concerns for all reporting periods, (more than 30 days ago).
  • CVE outstanding concerns during the reporting period (current 30 day period)
  • CVE that have been mitigated during the last 30 days.

Chapter three provides a CVE detail that also contains the host details as well as the repository data for the vulnerable hosts.

The report and its components are available in the SecurityCenter Feed, an app store of dashboards, reports, and assets. The report requirements are:

  • SecurityCenter 4.8.0
  • Nessus 5.2.5