SecurityCenter Dashboards

SANS 6 Categories of Critical Log Information

by Josef Weiss
January 16, 2014

The focus of the SANS Top 6 Categories of Critical Log Information is log management and reporting. This dashboard parses log events utilizing Tenable’s Log Correlation Engine and Passive Vulnerability Scanner. Events are presented to the analyst across a series of customizable indicator matrices, tables and trending components for each category. Components should be customized to fit your organizational needs.

The SANS 6 categories are:

Encryption On The Wire

by Josef Weiss
January 9, 2014

This dashboard provides a summary of encrypted communications found on the network. The dashboard is comprised of six components that represent passive encryption detection, active scan data, and log data from LCE.

PVS Detected Encrypted Sessions

This component utilizes PVS to present a graphical representation of encrypted sessions on the wire. Three categories are represented:

NERC – (CIP-002) Identification of Critical Cyber Assets

by Cody Dumont
January 2, 2014

 CIP-002 Identification of Critical Cyber Assets
For organizations that are required to be NERC compliant, SecurityCenter can lead the way to compliance. The first focus area is the “Identification of Critical Cyber Assets”. SecurityCenter uses Log Correlation Engine (LCE), Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS), and Nessus to identify assets. When using the complete Tenable family of products, an organization can easily identify all critical assets and all associated assets.