SecurityCenter Dashboards

FireEye Status Dashboard

by Josef Weiss
May 29, 2014

This dashboard displays the summary status of a FireEye device and includes indicators based on Nessus' FireEye audit findings.

Using the Nessus audit checks, this dashboard highlights the pass/fail results of the checks, allowing a security analyst to review the configuration and status of the device without requiring device management privileges.

PCI Status

by Josef Weiss
March 25, 2014

This dashboard leverages Nessus PCI system configuration results to track which PCI controls are compliant or non-compliant. As such, a PCI Audit Policy must be used to achieve results. Audit files are available for download via the Tenable Support Portal for a variety of operating environments.

PVS Trust Relationships

by Josef Weiss
March 11, 2014

This dashboard presents trust relationships between clients and servers that have been passively gathered via PVS plugins 3 and 15. These plugins collect data on internal client trusted client connections and internal server trusted connections. Results are sorted by TCP port and displayed in a series of matrix indicators within the individual components. Viewing plugin output provides insight into devices that are establishing trusted connections to each other.

CVE Analysis

by Josef Weiss
February 18, 2014

This dashboard trends outstanding CVE, and recently mitigated issues in a variety of tables and trend lines. It builds on a previously released dashboard title CVE Trending By Year.

Required Tools - Nessus or PVS

This dashboard leverages SecurityCenter's ability to filter vulnerabilities based on the specific year of the associated CVE ID for it.

There are four components of this dashboard.