Nessus Editions

Tenable Network Security® provides Nessus® for different uses:

  • Nessus and Nessus Enterprise subscriptions for commercial organizations and professional services companies
  • Nessus Enterprise Cloud subscriptions for commercial organizations
  • Nessus evaluations for commercial organizations
  • Nessus Home for personal use in a non-commercial, home network

You may also purchase Nessus Bundles, which package Nessus and/or Nessus Enterprise subscriptions, on-demand training, and certifications with savings of up to $600.

See the chart to find the Nessus features and edition that's right for you.

Nessus Nessus Enterprise (On Premise) Nessus Enterprise (Cloud)
Designed For
Real-time Vulnerability Updates
Vulnerability Scanning
Unlimited Scans
Number of IPs Per Scanner
Web Application Scanning
Mobile Device Detection
Malware Auditing
Patch Management Integration
Exportable Reports
Targeted Email Notifications
Scan Scheduling
Distributed Scanning *
Configuration Checks
Compliance Checks (NERC, CIS, FDCC, NIST, HIPAA)
Sensitive Data Searches
SCADA Auditing
PCI DSS Configuration / Compliance Audits
Product Support
Add Users and Assign New Roles
Assign Users to Groups
Assign Resources to Users and/or Groups
Share Results with Users and/or Groups
Tenable Hosted
Secure, Encrypted Cloud Storage
Perimeter Scanning
PCI ASV Validation

* Requires purchasing additional Nessus Scanners