In the News

Ken Bechtel Featured in SC Magazine UK

June 27, 2014

Ken Bechtel discusses the takedown of Gameover Zeus and the impact of cybercriminals using a new strain of the Trojan with the Citadel botnet.

Ken Bechtel Offers His Thoughts on Ransomware

June 24, 2014

TechNewsWorld ran an article by John Mello, “To Pay or Not to Pay – That’s the Ransomware Question,” which featured Ken Bechtel explaining the keys to removing power from extortionists.

Gavin Millard Featured in SC Magazine UK

June 23, 2014

Tenable's Technical Director, EMEA, Gavin Millard discusses the increased cyber security awareness in financial institutions and the impact it could have in the industry moving forward.

GCN Highlights Nessus

June 20, 2014

Jaime Vargas, CISO of the DHS's Office of Inspector General, was quoted on her office's use of Nessus in William Jackson's article, "Homeland Security tops FISMA scorecard. How do they do it?"

SearchSecurity Interviews Marcus Ranum

June 13, 2014

SearchSecurity caught up with Marcus Ranum at this year's RSA Conference to get his thoughts on PCI DSS compliance and whether or not the bar may be set too low.

Gavin Millard Featured on InfoRisk Today

June 10, 2014

Mathew J. Schwartz quoted Gavin Millard several times in his article, “UK Pitches Business ‘Cyber Essentials.’ Millard discusses the implementation and benefits of the U.K.’s new Cyber Essentials program.

CSO: System Logging a Vital Computer Security Tool

June 3, 2014

Marcus Ranum talks to Tech Target in this video interview, conducted at the RSA 2014 Conference in San Francisco. Ranum discusses the security benefits of system logging and offers his thoughts on the evolution of the IT security field.