Nessus Perimeter Service with New Tenable PCI Scanning Service Available

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Tenable is pleased to announce availability of the Nessus Perimeter Service including the Tenable PCI Scanning Service. Customers can scan an unlimited number of Internet-facing IP addresses, as often as they like, and submit PCI scan results up to twice per calendar quarter for Tenable PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) validation, all for $3,600 a year.

The Nessus Perimeter Service offers:

  • One flat fee - Scan an unlimited number of Internet-facing IPs, as often as you like
  • Web application vulnerability detection
  • Up to two quarterly PCI scan submissions for Tenable PCI ASV validation
  • Anytime, anywhere access via web browser and Tenable Nessus App for iPhone, Android, and iPod touch
  • World-class expertise with the most-trusted knowledgebase in the industry and access to Tenable’s PCI-certified professionals

To learn more about Nessus Perimeter Service and the Tenable PCI Scanning Service you can view the video titled "Nessus Perimeter Service Usage: PCI ASV Validation and SecurityCenter Integration":

New PCI-DSS Scan Policy

The new PCI-DSS policy may be used by Perimeter Service customers who wish to perform external vulnerability scans which may be used in a PCI DSS compliance validation effort. Customers do not have the ability to view or alter any of the preset parameters of the PCI-DSS policy.

New Tenable PCI Scanning Service

Customers can submit up to two PCI scans per calendar quarter for Tenable PCI ASV validation. For more detailed information on how to purchase Tenable's PCI Scanning Service and how PCI ASV validation service works, view the complete walk-through video available on our website.

  1. The customer enters the public IPs to be scanned, selects the PCI-DSS scan policy, and launches the PCI scan.
  2. The customer performs external PCI scans until ready to upload “good” scan results to the administrative section of Nessus Perimeter Service.
  3. The customer logs in to review the failed items, remediates or disputes, and submits the entire report for Tenable ASV review.
  4. Tenable’s PCI-certified experts validate, and then accept or reject the submission.
  5. If all items “pass,” then the scan report earns PCI ASV compliance status.

More Information

Current Perimeter Service customers have access to the PCI-DSS scan policy and the Tenable PCI Scanning Service. Detailed instructions are located in the Nessus Perimeter Service User Guide. For questions regarding Perimeter Service, the Tenable PCI Scanning Service, or to request a Perimeter Service evaluation, please contact Tenable’s Service & Subscription team (

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