Nessus HTML5 Interface is Generally Available!

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Thank you for providing feedback on the Nessus HTML5 beta interface. The beta feedback period is now closed, and the Nessus HTML5 interface is generally available (GA) to Nessus ProfessionalFeed and Nessus Perimeter Service customers, as well as Nessus HomeFeed users. To access the Nessus HTML5 interface, visit https://nessusserver:8834/html5.html (replace “nessusserver” with the IP/hostname of your Nessus server).

We've published a short video introduction which summarizes how to use the new HTML5 interface. The video walks you through how to create a new policy, create a new scan template, launch a new scan, and review results in the new HTML5 interface:

Nessus HTML5 Introduction Video (For more videos, please visit the Tenable Network Security YouTube Channel.)

HTML5 is now the default Nessus interface, but you’ll continue to have the option to use the Flash interface if you prefer.

Accessing Nessus from a mobile device is easier than ever before, as you can use all of the interface features in HTML5. Mobile Apps for Android and iOS will still function, but the new HTML5 interface will provide a more robust user experience.

Iphone backup2

The Nessus HTML5 interface being accessed from an iPhone.

You can view several more screenshots of the HTML5 interface and review the list of supported browsers here. For detailed HTML5 interface usage instructions, please refer to the Nessus 5.0 HTML5 User Guide. For ProfessionalFeed or Perimeter Service customers who have questions about the HTML5 interface, please contact the Tenable Support Team. Nessus HomeFeed users may consult the Tenable Discussion Forum.

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