Nessus 5.2.2 Is Now Available

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Nessus 5.2.2 is now available for download. Version 5.2.2 provides the following improvements:

  • Improved the packet capture driver on Windows 7 and newer
  • Nessus now has the ability to export reports as full DBs that can be moved from one scanner to another
  • New, faster web mirror plugin

This release also addresses the following bugs:

  • RC4 ciphers present in the the Nessus web server
  • Unable to save policy description in Flash
  • Nessus sometimes enters a crash loop while trying to initialize the plugins
  • Nessus registration screen does not support ampersand characters for passwords
  • Some scans requested to stop get stuck in the "Stopping" state
  • Parse error when importing scan results
  • NASL: Long single-quoted strings have the wrong length
  • NASL: query_report could lock the scan/report on error
  • NASL: Using #TRUSTED causes the next line of script to be ignored
  • NASL: Passing an empty string to str_replace() causes an out of bound read

To download Nessus 5.2.2, please visit the Tenable Support Portal or the Nessus download page.

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