Continuous Monitoring at Home with Nessus

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Nessus home users can now leverage the benefits of continuous monitoring for their home labs, computers, and networked devices!

Tenable recently added the ability for Nessus scanners registered with the HomeFeed to perform scheduled scans and have elegant summaries of them emailed to you. Previously, scheduled scanning with Nessus was limited to the ProfessionalFeed and the SecurityCenter.

The reports can be filtered before they are emailed, enabling many different types of monitoring for your home networks and home security labs including:

  • Summarizing the applications and services which impact your home network the most
  • Identifying systems with critical or exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Notifying you when systems are unpatched
  • Reporting on malware or botnets

To fully leverage this functionality, Nessus 5.2 is required.

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