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A Tenable representative will contact you shortly and you get started on your Nessus Manager evaluation. And while we encourage you to explore all the areas of Nessus Manager, a few areas you might want to focus on initially are:

Using Nessus Agents

Try installing the new Nessus Agents on portable devices like laptops to have scans of those assets included in your overall results.

Sharing scan results

A benefit of Nessus Manager is being able to share resources with others. Try sharing scan results with your help desk and let them see if your anti-virus systems are missing any malware.

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Including others in your evaluation

Nessus Manager can play an integral part of your overall vulnerability management program, encourage others in your organization to participate in the evaluation. You’ll be able to assign different users different privileges.

Read this article to learn more
(note: Nessus Manager was formerly known as Nessus Enterprise).

Thank you for your interest in Nessus Manager and enjoy your evaluation.

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