Ensure there is no IAM policy with invalid partition used for resource ARN



Invalid partition. The resource ARN for the service does not support the partition.


In AWS Console -

  1. Sign in to the AWS console and go to the IAM console.
  2. In the Navigation pane, select Policies.
  3. In the list of policies, select the policy to edit.
  4. Select the Permissions tab, and then choose Edit policy.
  5. On the review page, review the changes and click Save.

In Terraform -

  1. In the aws_iam_policy, aws_iam_role_policy, aws_iam_group_policy, and aws_iam_user_policy resources, edit the policy field so that the allowed Action list and/or Principal have appropriate values rather than a wildcard.
  2. Update the Resource ARN list to use specific IDs with valid regions rather than a wildcard.
  3. Ensure that the ARNs used are formatted properly, starting with one of the following prefixes: aws, aws-cn, or aws-us-gov.
    For more information on how to effectively write an IAM policy see the AWS and Terraform documentation.


Policy Details

Rule Reference ID: AC_AWS_0027
Remediation Available: No
Resource: aws_iam_policy
Resource Type: Policy