SUSE SLED15 / SLES15 Security Update : kernel (SUSE-SU-2020:0560-1)

critical Nessus Plugin ID 134289



The remote SUSE host is missing one or more security updates.


The SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP1 kernel was updated to receive various security and bugfixes.

The following security bugs were fixed :

CVE-2020-8992: An issue was discovered in ext4_protect_reserved_inode in fs/ext4/block_validity.c that allowed attackers to cause a soft lockup via a crafted journal size (bnc#1164069).

CVE-2020-8648: There was a use-after-free vulnerability in the n_tty_receive_buf_common function in drivers/tty/n_tty.c (bnc#1162928).

CVE-2019-16746: An issue was discovered in net/wireless/nl80211.c. It did not check the length of variable elements in a beacon head, leading to a buffer overflow (bnc#1152107).

CVE-2020-8428: There was a use-after-free bug in fs/namei.c, which allowed local users to cause a denial of service (OOPS) or possibly obtain sensitive information from kernel memory, aka CID-d0cb50185ae9 (bnc#1162109).

CVE-2019-19045: A memory leak in drivers/net/ethernet/mellanox/mlx5/core/fpga/conn.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) by triggering mlx5_vector2eqn() failures, aka CID-c8c2a057fdc7 (bnc#1161522).

CVE-2019-16994: A memory leak existed in sit_init_net() in net/ipv6/sit.c which might have caused denial of service, aka CID-07f12b26e21a (bnc#1161523).

CVE-2019-19054: A memory leak in the cx23888_ir_probe() function in drivers/media/pci/cx23885/cx23888-ir.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) by triggering kfifo_alloc() failures, aka CID-a7b2df76b42b (bnc#1161518).

CVE-2019-14896: A heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability was found in the Marvell WiFi driver. A remote attacker could cause a denial of service (system crash) or, possibly execute arbitrary code, when the lbs_ibss_join_existing function is called after a STA connects to an AP (bnc#1157157).

CVE-2019-14897: A stack-based buffer overflow was found in the Marvell WiFi driver. An attacker is able to cause a denial of service (system crash) or, possibly execute arbitrary code, when a STA works in IBSS mode (allows connecting stations together without the use of an AP) and connects to another STA (bnc#1157155).

CVE-2020-7053: There was a use-after-free (write) in the i915_ppgtt_close function in drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem_gtt.c, aka CID-7dc40713618c (bnc#1160966).

CVE-2019-19318: Mounting a crafted btrfs image twice could have caused a use-after-free (bnc#1158026).

CVE-2019-19036: An issue discovered in btrfs_root_node in fs/btrfs/ctree.c allowed a NULL pointer dereference because rcu_dereference(root->node) can be zero (bnc#1157692).

CVE-2019-14615: An information disclosure vulnerability existed due to insufficient control flow in certain data structures for some Intel(R) Processors (bnc#1160195).

CVE-2019-19965: There was a NULL pointer dereference in drivers/scsi/libsas/sas_discover.c because of mishandling of port disconnection during discovery, related to a PHY down race condition, aka CID-f70267f379b5 (bnc#1159911).

CVE-2019-19927: A slab-out-of-bounds read access could have been caused when mounting a crafted f2fs filesystem image and performing some operations on it, in drivers/gpu/drm/ttm/ttm_page_alloc.c (bnc#1160147).

CVE-2019-20095: Several memory leaks were found in drivers/net/wireless/marvell/mwifiex/cfg80211.c, aka CID-003b686ace82 (bnc#1159909).

CVE-2019-20054: There was a NULL pointer dereference in drop_sysctl_table() in fs/proc/proc_sysctl.c, related to put_links, aka CID-23da9588037e (bnc#1159910).

CVE-2019-20096: There was a memory leak in __feat_register_sp() in net/dccp/feat.c, aka CID-1d3ff0950e2b (bnc#1159908).

CVE-2019-19966: There was a use-after-free in cpia2_exit() in drivers/media/usb/cpia2/cpia2_v4l.c that could have caused a denial of service, aka CID-dea37a972655 (bnc#1159841).

CVE-2019-19447: Mounting a crafted ext4 filesystem image, performing some operations, and unmounting could have led to a use-after-free in fs/ext4/super.c (bnc#1158819).

CVE-2019-19319: A slab-out-of-bounds write access could have occured when setxattr was called after mounting of a specially crafted ext4 image (bnc#1158021).

CVE-2019-19767: There were multiple use-after-free errors in
__ext4_expand_extra_isize and ext4_xattr_set_entry, related to fs/ext4/inode.c and fs/ext4/super.c, aka CID-4ea99936a163 (bnc#1159297).

CVE-2019-18808: A memory leak in drivers/crypto/ccp/ccp-ops.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption), aka CID-128c66429247 (bnc#1156259).

CVE-2019-19066: A memory leak in drivers/scsi/bfa/bfad_attr.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption), aka CID-0e62395da2bd (bnc#1157303).

CVE-2019-19051: A memory leak in drivers/net/wimax/i2400m/op-rfkill.c allowed attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption), aka CID-6f3ef5c25cc7 (bnc#1159024).

CVE-2019-19338: There was an incomplete fix for an issue with Transactional Synchronisation Extensions in the KVM code (bsc#1158954).

CVE-2019-19332: An out-of-bounds memory write issue was found in the way the KVM hypervisor handled the 'KVM_GET_EMULATED_CPUID' ioctl(2) request to get CPUID features emulated by the KVM hypervisor. A user or process able to access the '/dev/kvm' device could have used this flaw to crash the system (bnc#1158827).

CVE-2019-19537: There was a race condition bug that could be caused by a malicious USB character device, aka CID-303911cfc5b9. (bsc#1158904).

CVE-2019-19535: There was an info-leak bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/net/can/usb/peak_usb/pcan_usb_fd.c driver, aka CID-30a8beeb3042 (bsc#1158903).

CVE-2019-19527: There was a use-after-free bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/hid/usbhid/hiddev.c driver, aka CID-9c09b214f30e (bsc#1158900).

CVE-2019-19526: There was a use-after-free bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/nfc/pn533/usb.c driver, aka CID-6af3aa57a098 (bsc#1158893).

CVE-2019-19533: There was an info-leak bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/media/usb/ttusb-dec/ttusb_dec.c driver, aka CID-a10feaf8c464 (bsc#1158834).

CVE-2019-19532: There were multiple out-of-bounds write bugs that can be caused by a malicious USB HID device, aka CID-d9d4b1e46d95 (bsc#1158824).

CVE-2019-19523: There was a use-after-free bug that can be caused by a malicious USB device in the drivers/usb/misc/adutux.c driver, aka CID-44efc269db79 (bsc#1158823).

CVE-2019-15213: A use-after-free bug caused by a malicious USB device was found in drivers/media/usb/dvb-usb/dvb-usb-init.c (bsc#1146544).

CVE-2020-2732: Fixed an issue affecting Intel CPUs where an L2 guest may trick the L0 hypervisor into accessing sensitive L1 resources (bsc#1163971).

The update package also includes non-security fixes. See advisory for details.

Note that Tenable Network Security has extracted the preceding description block directly from the SUSE security advisory. Tenable has attempted to automatically clean and format it as much as possible without introducing additional issues.


To install this SUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or 'zypper patch'.

Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product :

SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension 15-SP1:zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Product-WE-15-SP1-2020-560=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Open Buildservice Development Tools 15-SP1:zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Development-Tools-OBS-15-SP1-2020-560=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Live Patching 15-SP1:zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Live-Patching-15-SP1-2020-560=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Legacy Software 15-SP1:zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Legacy-15-SP1-2020-560=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Development Tools 15-SP1:zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Development-Tools-15-SP1-2020-560=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Basesystem 15-SP1:zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Basesystem-15-SP1-2020-560=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 15-SP1:zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Product-HA-15-SP1-2020-560=1

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Plugin Details

Severity: Critical

ID: 134289

File Name: suse_SU-2020-0560-1.nasl

Version: 1.4

Type: local

Agent: unix

Published: 3/6/2020

Updated: 3/25/2024

Supported Sensors: Frictionless Assessment AWS, Frictionless Assessment Azure, Frictionless Assessment Agent, Nessus Agent, Agentless Assessment, Nessus

Risk Information


Risk Factor: Medium

Score: 6.7


Risk Factor: Critical

Base Score: 10

Temporal Score: 7.8

Vector: CVSS2#AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C

CVSS Score Source: CVE-2019-14896


Risk Factor: Critical

Base Score: 9.8

Temporal Score: 8.8

Vector: CVSS:3.0/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H

Temporal Vector: CVSS:3.0/E:P/RL:O/RC:C

CVSS Score Source: CVE-2019-16746

Vulnerability Information

CPE: p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-debug, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-debug-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-debug-base-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-debug-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-debug-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-debug-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-debug-devel-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-debug-livepatch-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-default, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-default-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-default-base-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-default-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-default-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-default-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-default-devel-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-default-livepatch, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-default-man, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-kvmsmall, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-kvmsmall-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-kvmsmall-base-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-kvmsmall-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-kvmsmall-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-kvmsmall-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-kvmsmall-devel-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-kvmsmall-livepatch-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-obs-build, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-obs-build-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-obs-qa, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-syms, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-vanilla, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-vanilla-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-vanilla-base-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-vanilla-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-vanilla-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-vanilla-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-vanilla-devel-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-vanilla-livepatch-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-zfcpdump, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-zfcpdump-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-zfcpdump-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kernel-zfcpdump-man, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kselftests-kmp-default, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:kselftests-kmp-default-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:reiserfs-kmp-default, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:reiserfs-kmp-default-debuginfo, cpe:/o:novell:suse_linux:15

Required KB Items: Host/local_checks_enabled, Host/cpu, Host/SuSE/release, Host/SuSE/rpm-list

Exploit Available: true

Exploit Ease: Exploits are available

Patch Publication Date: 3/2/2020

Vulnerability Publication Date: 8/19/2019

Reference Information

CVE: CVE-2019-14615, CVE-2019-14896, CVE-2019-14897, CVE-2019-15213, CVE-2019-16746, CVE-2019-16994, CVE-2019-18808, CVE-2019-19036, CVE-2019-19045, CVE-2019-19051, CVE-2019-19054, CVE-2019-19066, CVE-2019-19318, CVE-2019-19319, CVE-2019-19332, CVE-2019-19338, CVE-2019-19447, CVE-2019-19523, CVE-2019-19526, CVE-2019-19527, CVE-2019-19532, CVE-2019-19533, CVE-2019-19535, CVE-2019-19537, CVE-2019-19767, CVE-2019-19927, CVE-2019-19965, CVE-2019-19966, CVE-2019-20054, CVE-2019-20095, CVE-2019-20096, CVE-2020-2732, CVE-2020-7053, CVE-2020-8428, CVE-2020-8648, CVE-2020-8992