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PHP 5.3.x < 5.3.14 / 5.4.x < 5.4.4 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote web server uses a version of PHP that is affected by multiple vulnerabilities.


Versions of PHP 5.3.x prior to 5.3.14, or 5.4.x prior to 5.4.4 are affected by the following vulnerabilities :

- An integer overflow error exists in the function 'phar_parse_tarfile' in the file 'ext/phar/tar.c'. This error can lead to a heap-based buffer overflow when handling a maliciously crafted TAR file. Arbitrary code execution is possible due to this error. (CVE-2012-2386) - A weakness exists in the 'crypt' function related to the DES implementation that can allow brute-force attacks. (CVE-2012-2143) - Several design errors exist involving the incorrect parsing of PHP PDO prepared statements could lead to disclosure of sensitive information or denial of service. (CVE-2012-3450) - A variable initialization error exists in the file 'ext/openssl/openssl.c' that can allow process memory contents to be disclosed when input data is of length zero. (CVE-2012-6113)


Apply the vendor patch or upgrade to PHP version 5.4.4 or later. If 5.4.x cannot be installed, 5.3.14 is also patched for these vulnerabilities.