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iTunes < 9.2 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host contains an application that is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


Versions of iTunes older than 9.2 are potentially affected by multiple vulnerabilities :

- A heap buffer overflow in the handling of images with an embedded ColorSync profile may lead to an application crash or arbitrary code execution. (CVE-2009-1726)

- Multiple integer overflows in ImageIO's handling of TIFF files may lead to an application crash or arbitrary code execution. (CVE-2010-1411)

- Multiple vulnerabilities in WebKit may have a variety of effects, including arbitrary code execution. (CVE-2010-0544, CVE-2010-1119, CVE-2010-1387, CVE-2010-1390, CVE-2010-1392, CVE-2010-1393, CVE-2010-1395, CVE-2010-1396, CVE-2010-1397, CVE-2010-1398, CVE-2010-1399, CVE-2010-1400, CVE-2010-1401, CVE-2010-1402, CVE-2010-1403, CVE-2010-1404, CVE-2010-1405, CVE-2010-1408, CVE-2010-1409, CVE-2010-1410, CVE-2010-1412, CVE-2010-1414, CVE-2010-1415, CVE-2010-1416, CVE-2010-1417, CVE-2010-1418, CVE-2010-1419, CVE-2010-1421, CVE-2010-1422, CVE-2010-1749, CVE-2010-1758, CVE-2010-1759, CVE-2010-1761, CVE-2010-1763, CVE-2010-1769, CVE-2010-1770, CVE-2010-1771, CVE-2010-1774)


Upgrade to iTune 9.2 or later.