openSUSE Security Update : the Linux Kernel (openSUSE-2020-1901)

high Nessus Plugin ID 142921



The remote openSUSE host is missing a security update.


The openSUSE Leap 15.1 kernel was updated to receive various security and bugfixes.

The following security bugs were fixed :

- CVE-2020-25668: Fixed concurrency use-after-free in con_font_op (bnc#1178123).

- CVE-2020-25656: Fixed race condition in kbd code (bnc#1177766).

- CVE-2020-25285: A race condition between hugetlb sysctl handlers in mm/hugetlb.c kernel could be used by local attackers to corrupt memory, cause a NULL pointer dereference, or possibly have unspecified other impact, aka CID-17743798d812 (bnc#1176485).

- CVE-2020-0430: In skb_headlen of /include/linux/skbuff.h, there is a possible out of bounds read due to memory corruption. This could lead to local escalation of privilege with no additional execution privileges needed. User interaction is not needed for exploitation (bnc#1176723).

- CVE-2020-14351: Fixed race in the perf_mmap_close() function (bsc#1177086).

- CVE-2020-16120: Fixed verify permissions in ovl_path_open() (bsc#1177470).

- CVE-2020-8694: Restrict energy meter to root access to avoid side channel attack (bsc#1170415).

The following non-security bugs were fixed :

- 9P: Cast to loff_t before multiplying (git-fixes).

- ACPI / extlog: Check for RDMSR failure (git-fixes).

- ACPI: debug: do not allow debugging when ACPI is disabled (git-fixes).

- ACPI: dock: fix enum-conversion warning (git-fixes).

- ACPI: video: use ACPI backlight for HP 635 Notebook (git-fixes).

- ALSA: bebob: potential info leak in hwdep_read() (git-fixes).

- ALSA: compress_offload: remove redundant initialization (git-fixes).

- ALSA: core: init: use DECLARE_COMPLETION_ONSTACK() macro (git-fixes).

- ALSA: core: pcm: simplify locking for timers (git-fixes).

- ALSA: core: timer: clarify operator precedence (git-fixes).

- ALSA: core: timer: remove redundant assignment (git-fixes).

- ALSA: ctl: Workaround for lockdep warning wrt card->ctl_files_rwlock (git-fixes).

- ALSA: hda - Do not register a cb func if it is registered already (git-fixes).

- ALSA: hda - Fix the return value if cb func is already registered (git-fixes).

- ALSA: hda/realtek - Add mute Led support for HP Elitebook 845 G7 (git-fixes).

- ALSA: hda/realtek - The front Mic on a HP machine does not work (git-fixes).

- ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable audio jacks of ASUS D700SA with ALC887 (git-fixes).

- ALSA: hda: auto_parser: remove shadowed variable declaration (git-fixes).

- ALSA: hda: prevent undefined shift in snd_hdac_ext_bus_get_link() (git-fixes).

- ALSA: hda: use semicolons rather than commas to separate statements (git-fixes).

- ALSA: mixart: Correct comment wrt obsoleted tasklet usage (git-fixes).

- ALSA: rawmidi: (cosmetic) align function parameters (git-fixes).

- ALSA: seq: oss: Avoid mutex lock for a long-time ioctl (git-fixes).

- ALSA: usb-audio: Add mixer support for Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 (git-fixes).

- ALSA: usb-audio: endpoint.c: fix repeated word 'there' (git-fixes).

- ALSA: usb-audio: fix spelling mistake 'Frequence' -> 'Frequency' (git-fixes).

- ASoC: qcom: lpass-cpu: fix concurrency issue (git-fixes).

- ASoC: qcom: lpass-platform: fix memory leak (git-fixes).

- Add cherry-picked ids for already backported DRM radeon patches

- Bluetooth: MGMT: Fix not checking if BT_HS is enabled (git-fixes).

- Bluetooth: Only mark socket zapped after unlocking (git-fixes).

- EDAC/i5100: Fix error handling order in i5100_init_one() (bsc#1112178).

- Fix use after free in get_capset_info callback (git-fixes).

- HID: roccat: add bounds checking in kone_sysfs_write_settings() (git-fixes).

- HID: wacom: Avoid entering wacom_wac_pen_report for pad / battery (git-fixes).

- Input: ep93xx_keypad - fix handling of platform_get_irq() error (git-fixes).

- Input: i8042 - add nopnp quirk for Acer Aspire 5 A515 (git-fixes).

- Input: imx6ul_tsc - clean up some errors in imx6ul_tsc_resume() (git-fixes).

- Input: omap4-keypad - fix handling of platform_get_irq() error (git-fixes).

- Input: sun4i-ps2 - fix handling of platform_get_irq() error (git-fixes).

- Input: twl4030_keypad - fix handling of platform_get_irq() error (git-fixes).

- NTB: hw: amd: fix an issue about leak system resources (git-fixes).

- USB: adutux: fix debugging (git-fixes).

- USB: cdc-acm: handle broken union descriptors (git-fixes).

- USB: cdc-wdm: Make wdm_flush() interruptible and add wdm_fsync() (git-fixes).

- USB: serial: qcserial: fix altsetting probing (git-fixes).

- VMCI: check return value of get_user_pages_fast() for errors (git-fixes).

- XEN uses irqdesc::irq_data_common::handler_data to store a per interrupt XEN data pointer which contains XEN specific information (XSA-332 bsc#1065600).

- acpi-cpufreq: Honor _PSD table setting on new AMD CPUs (git-fixes).

- ata: sata_rcar: Fix DMA boundary mask (git-fixes).

- ath10k: Fix the size used in a 'dma_free_coherent()' call in an error handling path (git-fixes).

- ath10k: check idx validity in
__ath10k_htt_rx_ring_fill_n() (git-fixes).

- ath10k: fix VHT NSS calculation when STBC is enabled (git-fixes).

- ath10k: provide survey info as accumulated data (git-fixes).

- ath10k: start recovery process when payload length exceeds max htc length for sdio (git-fixes).

- ath6kl: prevent potential array overflow in ath6kl_add_new_sta() (git-fixes).

- ath6kl: wmi: prevent a shift wrapping bug in ath6kl_wmi_delete_pstream_cmd() (git-fixes).

- ath9k: Fix potential out of bounds in ath9k_htc_txcompletion_cb() (git-fixes).

- ath9k: hif_usb: fix race condition between usb_get_urb() and usb_kill_anchored_urbs() (git-fixes).

- backlight: sky81452-backlight: Fix refcount imbalance on error (git-fixes).

- blk-mq: order adding requests to hctx->dispatch and checking SCHED_RESTART (bsc#1177750).

- block: ensure bdi->io_pages is always initialized (bsc#1177749).

- bnxt: do not enable NAPI until rings are ready (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- bnxt_en: Check for zero dir entries in NVRAM (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- brcm80211: fix possible memleak in brcmf_proto_msgbuf_attach (git-fixes).

- brcmfmac: check ndev pointer (git-fixes).

- brcmsmac: fix memory leak in wlc_phy_attach_lcnphy (git-fixes).

- btrfs: check the right error variable in btrfs_del_dir_entries_in_log (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: do not force read-only after error in drop snapshot (bsc#1176354).

- btrfs: do not set the full sync flag on the inode during page release (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: fix incorrect updating of log root tree (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: fix race between page release and a fast fsync (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: only commit delayed items at fsync if we are logging a directory (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: only commit the delayed inode when doing a full fsync (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: qgroup: fix qgroup meta rsv leak for subvolume operations (bsc#1177856).

- btrfs: qgroup: fix wrong qgroup metadata reserve for delayed inode (bsc#1177855).

- btrfs: reduce contention on log trees when logging checksums (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: release old extent maps during page release (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: remove no longer needed use of log_writers for the log root tree (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: remove root usage from can_overcommit (bsc#1131277).

- btrfs: stop incremening log_batch for the log root tree when syncing log (bsc#1177687).

- btrfs: take overcommit into account in inc_block_group_ro (bsc#1176560).

- btrfs: tree-checker: fix false alert caused by legacy btrfs root item (bsc#1177861).

- bus/fsl_mc: Do not rely on caller to provide non NULL mc_io (git-fixes).

- can: c_can: reg_map_(c,d)_can: mark as __maybe_unused (git-fixes).

- can: can_create_echo_skb(): fix echo skb generation:
always use skb_clone() (git-fixes).

- can: dev: __can_get_echo_skb(): fix real payload length return value for RTR frames (git-fixes).

- can: dev: can_get_echo_skb(): prevent call to kfree_skb() in hard IRQ context (git-fixes).

- can: flexcan: flexcan_chip_stop(): add error handling and propagate error value (git-fixes).

- can: peak_canfd: pucan_handle_can_rx(): fix echo management when loopback is on (git-fixes).

- can: peak_usb: add range checking in decode operations (git-fixes).

- can: peak_usb: peak_usb_get_ts_time(): fix timestamp wrapping (git-fixes).

- can: rx-offload: do not call kfree_skb() from IRQ context (git-fixes).

- can: softing: softing_card_shutdown(): add braces around empty body in an 'if' statement (git-fixes).

- ceph: fix memory leak in ceph_cleanup_snapid_map() (bsc#1178234).

- ceph: map snapid to anonymous bdev ID (bsc#1178234).

- ceph: promote to unsigned long long before shifting (bsc#1178187).

- clk: at91: clk-main: update key before writing AT91_CKGR_MOR (git-fixes).

- clk: at91: remove the checking of parent_name (git-fixes).

- clk: bcm2835: add missing release if devm_clk_hw_register fails (git-fixes).

- clk: imx8mq: Fix usdhc parents order (git-fixes).

- clk: ti: clockdomain: fix static checker warning (git-fixes).

- coredump: fix crash when umh is disabled (bsc#1177753).

- crypto: algif_skcipher - EBUSY on aio should be an error (git-fixes).

- crypto: bcm - Verify GCM/CCM key length in setkey (git-fixes).

- crypto: ccp - fix error handling (git-fixes).

- crypto: ixp4xx - Fix the size used in a 'dma_free_coherent()' call (git-fixes).

- crypto: mediatek - Fix wrong return value in mtk_desc_ring_alloc() (git-fixes).

- crypto: omap-sham - fix digcnt register handling with export/import (git-fixes).

- cxl: Rework error message for incompatible slots (bsc#1055014 git-fixes).

- cypto: mediatek - fix leaks in mtk_desc_ring_alloc (git-fixes).

- device property: Do not clear secondary pointer for shared primary firmware node (git-fixes).

- device property: Keep secondary firmware node secondary by type (git-fixes).

- dmaengine: dma-jz4780: Fix race in jz4780_dma_tx_status (git-fixes).

- drm/amd/display: Do not invoke kgdb_breakpoint() unconditionally (git-fixes).

- drm/amd/display: HDMI remote sink need mode validation for Linux (git-fixes).

- drm/amdgpu: do not map BO in reserved region (git-fixes).

- drm/amdgpu: prevent double kfree ttm->sg (git-fixes).

- drm/bridge/synopsys: dsi: add support for non-continuous HS clock (git-fixes).

- drm/brige/megachips: Add checking if ge_b850v3_lvds_init() is working correctly (git-fixes).

- drm/gma500: fix error check (git-fixes).

- drm/i915: Force VT'd workarounds when running as a guest OS (git-fixes).

- drm/imx: tve remove extraneous type qualifier (git-fixes).

- drm/msm: Drop debug print in _dpu_crtc_setup_lm_bounds() (git-fixes).

- drm/nouveau/mem: guard against NULL pointer access in mem_del (git-fixes).

- drm/ttm: fix eviction valuable range check (git-fixes).

- eeprom: at25: set minimum read/write access stride to 1 (git-fixes).

- efivarfs: Replace invalid slashes with exclamation marks in dentries (git-fixes).

- gre6: Fix reception with IP6_TNL_F_RCV_DSCP_COPY (networking-stable-20_08_24).

- gtp: add GTPA_LINK info to msg sent to userspace (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- i2c: imx: Fix external abort on interrupt in exit paths (git-fixes).

- ibmveth: Identify ingress large send packets (bsc#1178185 ltc#188897).

- ibmveth: Switch order of ibmveth_helper calls (bsc#1061843 git-fixes).

- ibmvnic: fix ibmvnic_set_mac (bsc#1066382 ltc#160943 git-fixes).

- ibmvnic: save changed mac address to adapter->mac_addr (bsc#1134760 ltc#177449 git-fixes).

- icmp: randomize the global rate limiter (git-fixes).

- iio:accel:bma180: Fix use of true when should be iio_shared_by enum (git-fixes).

- iio:adc:max1118 Fix alignment of timestamp and data leak issues (git-fixes).

- iio:adc:ti-adc0832 Fix alignment issue with timestamp (git-fixes).

- iio:adc:ti-adc12138 Fix alignment issue with timestamp (git-fixes).

- iio:dac:ad5592r: Fix use of true for IIO_SHARED_BY_TYPE (git-fixes).

- iio:gyro:itg3200: Fix timestamp alignment and prevent data leak (git-fixes).

- iio:light:si1145: Fix timestamp alignment and prevent data leak (git-fixes).

- iio:magn:hmc5843: Fix passing true where iio_shared_by enum required (git-fixes).

- ima: Remove semicolon at the end of ima_get_binary_runtime_size() (git-fixes).

- include/linux/swapops.h: correct guards for non_swap_entry() (git-fixes (mm/swap)).

- iomap: Make sure iomap_end is called after iomap_begin (bsc#1177754).

- ip: fix tos reflection in ack and reset packets (networking-stable-20_09_24).

- ipv4: Restore flowi4_oif update before call to xfrm_lookup_route (git-fixes).

- ipv4: Update exception handling for multipath routes via same device (networking-stable-20_09_24).

- iwlwifi: mvm: split a print to avoid a WARNING in ROC (git-fixes).

- kbuild: enforce -Werror=return-type (bsc#1177281).

- leds: bcm6328, bcm6358: use devres LED registering function (git-fixes).

- leds: mt6323: move period calculation (git-fixes).

- lib/crc32.c: fix trivial typo in preprocessor condition (git-fixes).

- libceph: clear con->out_msg on Policy::stateful_server faults (bsc#1178188).

- mac80211: handle lack of sband->bitrates in rates (git-fixes).

- mailbox: avoid timer start from callback (git-fixes).

- media: Revert 'media: exynos4-is: Add missed check for pinctrl_lookup_state()' (git-fixes).

- media: ati_remote: sanity check for both endpoints (git-fixes).

- media: bdisp: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).

- media: exynos4-is: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).

- media: exynos4-is: Fix a reference count leak due to pm_runtime_get_sync (git-fixes).

- media: exynos4-is: Fix several reference count leaks due to pm_runtime_get_sync (git-fixes).

- media: firewire: fix memory leak (git-fixes).

- media: m5mols: Check function pointer in m5mols_sensor_power (git-fixes).

- media: media/pci: prevent memory leak in bttv_probe (git-fixes).

- media: omap3isp: Fix memleak in isp_probe (git-fixes).

- media: platform: Improve queue set up flow for bug fixing (git-fixes).

- media: platform: fcp: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).

- media: platform: s3c-camif: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).

- media: platform: sti: hva: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).

- media: s5p-mfc: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).

- media: saa7134: avoid a shift overflow (git-fixes).

- media: st-delta: Fix reference count leak in delta_run_work (git-fixes).

- media: sti: Fix reference count leaks (git-fixes).

- media: tc358743: initialize variable (git-fixes).

- media: ti-vpe: Fix a missing check and reference count leak (git-fixes).

- media: tuner-simple: fix regression in simple_set_radio_freq (git-fixes).

- media: tw5864: check status of tw5864_frameinterval_get (git-fixes).

- media: usbtv: Fix refcounting mixup (git-fixes).

- media: uvcvideo: Ensure all probed info is returned to v4l2 (git-fixes).

- media: vsp1: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).

- memory: fsl-corenet-cf: Fix handling of platform_get_irq() error (git-fixes).

- memory: omap-gpmc: Fix a couple off by ones (git-fixes).

- mfd: sm501: Fix leaks in probe() (git-fixes).

- mic: vop: copy data to kernel space then write to io memory (git-fixes).

- misc: mic: scif: Fix error handling path (git-fixes).

- misc: rtsx: Fix memory leak in rtsx_pci_probe (git-fixes).

- misc: vop: add round_up(x,4) for vring_size to avoid kernel panic (git-fixes).

- mlx5 PPC ringsize workaround (bsc#1173432).

- mlx5: remove support for ib_get_vector_affinity (bsc#1174748).

- mm, numa: fix bad pmd by atomically check for pmd_trans_huge when marking page tables prot_numa (git-fixes (mm/numa)).

- mm/huge_memory.c: use head to check huge zero page (git-fixes (mm/thp)).

- mm/ksm.c: do not WARN if page is still mapped in remove_stable_node() (git-fixes (mm/hugetlb)).

- mm/mempolicy.c: fix out of bounds write in mpol_parse_str() (git-fixes (mm/mempolicy)).

- mm/mempolicy.c: use match_string() helper to simplify the code (git-fixes (mm/mempolicy)).

- mm/page-writeback.c: avoid potential division by zero in wb_min_max_ratio() (git-fixes (mm/writeback)).

- mm/page-writeback.c: improve arithmetic divisions (git-fixes (mm/writeback)).

- mm/page-writeback.c: use div64_ul() for u64-by-unsigned-long divide (git-fixes (mm/writeback)).

- mm/page_owner.c: remove drain_all_pages from init_early_allocated_pages (git-fixes (mm/debug)).

- mm/rmap: fixup copying of soft dirty and uffd ptes (git-fixes (mm/rmap)).

- mm/zsmalloc.c: fix build when CONFIG_COMPACTION=n (git-fixes (mm/zsmalloc)).

- mm/zsmalloc.c: fix race condition in zs_destroy_pool (git-fixes (mm/zsmalloc)).

- mm/zsmalloc.c: fix the migrated zspage statistics (git-fixes (mm/zsmalloc)).

- mm/zsmalloc.c: migration can leave pages in ZS_EMPTY indefinitely (git-fixes (mm/zsmalloc)).

- mm: hugetlb: switch to css_tryget() in hugetlb_cgroup_charge_cgroup() (git-fixes (mm/hugetlb)).

- mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: set timeout to max before tuning (git-fixes).

- mmc: sdio: Check for CISTPL_VERS_1 buffer size (git-fixes).

- mtd: lpddr: Fix bad logic in print_drs_error (git-fixes).

- mtd: lpddr: fix excessive stack usage with clang (git-fixes).

- mtd: mtdoops: Do not write panic data twice (git-fixes).

- mwifiex: Do not use GFP_KERNEL in atomic context (git-fixes).

- mwifiex: Remove unnecessary braces from HostCmd_SET_SEQ_NO_BSS_INFO (git-fixes).

- mwifiex: do not call del_timer_sync() on uninitialized timer (git-fixes).

- mwifiex: fix double free (git-fixes).

- mwifiex: remove function pointer check (git-fixes).

- net/mlx5e: Take common TIR context settings into a function (bsc#1177740).

- net/mlx5e: Turn on HW tunnel offload in all TIRs (bsc#1177740).

- net: Fix potential wrong skb->protocol in skb_vlan_untag() (networking-stable-20_08_24).

- net: disable netpoll on fresh napis (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- net: fec: Fix PHY init after phy_reset_after_clk_enable() (git-fixes).

- net: fec: Fix phy_device lookup for phy_reset_after_clk_enable() (git-fixes).

- net: hns: Fix memleak in hns_nic_dev_probe (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- net: ipv6: fix kconfig dependency warning for IPV6_SEG6_HMAC (networking-stable-20_09_24).

- net: phy: Avoid NPD upon phy_detach() when driver is unbound (networking-stable-20_09_24).

- net: qrtr: fix usage of idr in port assignment to socket (networking-stable-20_08_24).

- net: systemport: Fix memleak in bcm_sysport_probe (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- net: usb: dm9601: Add USB ID of Keenetic Plus DSL (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Cellient MPL200 card (git-fixes).

- net: usb: rtl8150: set random MAC address when set_ethernet_addr() fails (git-fixes).

- net: wireless: nl80211: fix out-of-bounds access in nl80211_del_key() (git-fixes).

- netlabel: fix problems with mapping removal (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- nfc: Ensure presence of NFC_ATTR_FIRMWARE_NAME attribute in nfc_genl_fw_download() (git-fixes).

- nl80211: fix non-split wiphy information (git-fixes).

- nvme-rdma: fix crash due to incorrect cqe (bsc#1174748).

- nvme-rdma: fix crash when connect rejected (bsc#1174748).

- nvme: do not update disk info for multipathed device (bsc#1171558).

- p54: avoid accessing the data mapped to streaming DMA (git-fixes).

- platform/x86: mlx-platform: Remove PSU EEPROM configuration (git-fixes).

- power: supply: test_power: add missing newlines when printing parameters by sysfs (git-fixes).

- powerpc/hwirq: Remove stale forward irq_chip declaration (bsc#1065729).

- powerpc/icp-hv: Fix missing of_node_put() in success path (bsc#1065729).

- powerpc/irq: Drop forward declaration of struct irqaction (bsc#1065729).

- powerpc/perf/hv-gpci: Fix starting index value (bsc#1065729).

- powerpc/powernv/dump: Fix race while processing OPAL dump (bsc#1065729).

- powerpc/powernv/elog: Fix race while processing OPAL error log event (bsc#1065729).

- powerpc/pseries: Fix missing of_node_put() in rng_init() (bsc#1065729).

- powerpc/pseries: explicitly reschedule during drmem_lmb list traversal (bsc#1077428 ltc#163882 git-fixes).

- powerpc: Fix undetected data corruption with P9N DD2.1 VSX CI load emulation (bsc#1065729).

- pty: do tty_flip_buffer_push without port->lock in pty_write (git-fixes).

- pwm: lpss: Add range limit check for the base_unit register value (git-fixes).

- pwm: lpss: Fix off by one error in base_unit math in pwm_lpss_prepare() (git-fixes).

- regulator: defer probe when trying to get voltage from unresolved supply (git-fixes).

- regulator: resolve supply after creating regulator (git-fixes).

- ring-buffer: Return 0 on success from ring_buffer_resize() (git-fixes).

- rpm/kernel-module-subpackage: make Group tag optional (bsc#1163592)

- rtl8xxxu: prevent potential memory leak (git-fixes).

- scsi: ibmvfc: Fix error return in ibmvfc_probe() (bsc#1065729).

- scsi: ibmvscsi: Fix potential race after loss of transport (bsc#1178166 ltc#188226).

- sctp: not disable bh in the whole sctp_get_port_local() (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- spi: fsl-espi: Only process interrupts for expected events (git-fixes).

- staging: comedi: cb_pcidas: Allow 2-channel commands for AO subdevice (git-fixes).

- staging: octeon: Drop on uncorrectable alignment or FCS error (git-fixes).

- staging: octeon: repair 'fixed-link' support (git-fixes).

- target-rbd-fix-unmap-discard-block-size-conversion.patch : (bsc#1177271).

- target-use-scsi_set_sense_information-helper-on-misc.pat ch: (bsc#1177719).

- tg3: Fix soft lockup when tg3_reset_task() fails (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- tipc: fix memory leak caused by tipc_buf_append() (git-fixes).

- tipc: fix shutdown() of connection oriented socket (networking-stable-20_09_24).

- tipc: fix shutdown() of connectionless socket (networking-stable-20_09_11).

- tipc: fix the skb_unshare() in tipc_buf_append() (git-fixes).

- tipc: fix uninit skb->data in tipc_nl_compat_dumpit() (networking-stable-20_08_24).

- tipc: use skb_unshare() instead in tipc_buf_append() (networking-stable-20_09_24).

- tty: ipwireless: fix error handling (git-fixes).

- tty: serial: earlycon dependency (git-fixes).

- tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: fix lpuart32_poll_get_char (git-fixes).

- usb: cdc-acm: add quirk to blacklist ETAS ES58X devices (git-fixes).

- usb: cdc-acm: fix cooldown mechanism (git-fixes).

- usb: core: Solve race condition in anchor cleanup functions (git-fixes).

- usb: dwc2: Fix INTR OUT transfers in DDMA mode (git-fixes).

- usb: dwc2: Fix parameter type in function pointer prototype (git-fixes).

- usb: dwc3: core: add phy cleanup for probe error handling (git-fixes).

- usb: dwc3: core: do not trigger runtime pm when remove driver (git-fixes).

- usb: dwc3: ep0: Fix ZLP for OUT ep0 requests (git-fixes).

- usb: gadget: f_ncm: allow using NCM in SuperSpeed Plus gadgets (git-fixes).

- usb: gadget: f_ncm: fix ncm_bitrate for SuperSpeed and above (git-fixes).

- usb: gadget: function: printer: fix use-after-free in
__lock_acquire (git-fixes).

- usb: gadget: u_ether: enable qmult on SuperSpeed Plus as well (git-fixes).

- usb: host: fsl-mph-dr-of: check return of dma_set_mask() (git-fixes).

- usb: mtu3: fix panic in mtu3_gadget_stop() (git-fixes).

- usb: ohci: Default to per-port over-current protection (git-fixes).

- usb: typec: tcpm: During PR_SWAP, source caps should be sent only after tSwapSourceStart (git-fixes).

- usb: typec: tcpm: reset hard_reset_count for any disconnect (git-fixes).

- vfs: fix FIGETBSZ ioctl on an overlayfs file (bsc#1178202).

- video: fbdev: pvr2fb: initialize variables (git-fixes).

- video: fbdev: sis: fix null ptr dereference (git-fixes).

- video: fbdev: vga16fb: fix setting of pixclock because a pass-by-value error (git-fixes).

- w1: mxc_w1: Fix timeout resolution problem leading to bus error (git-fixes).

- watchdog: iTCO_wdt: Export vendorsupport (bsc#1177101).

- watchdog: iTCO_wdt: Make ICH_RES_IO_SMI optional (bsc#1177101).

- wcn36xx: Fix reported 802.11n rx_highest rate wcn3660/wcn3680 (git-fixes).

- writeback: Avoid skipping inode writeback (bsc#1177755).

- writeback: Fix sync livelock due to b_dirty_time processing (bsc#1177755).

- writeback: Protect inode->i_io_list with inode->i_lock (bsc#1177755).

- x86, fakenuma: Fix invalid starting node ID (git-fixes (mm/x86/fakenuma)).

- x86/apic: Unify duplicated local apic timer clockevent initialization (bsc#1112178).

- x86/fpu: Allow multiple bits in clearcpuid= parameter (bsc#1112178).

- x86/unwind/orc: Fix inactive tasks with stack pointer in %sp on GCC 10 compiled kernels (bsc#1058115 bsc#1176907).

- x86/xen: disable Firmware First mode for correctable memory errors (bsc#1176713).

- xen/blkback: use lateeoi irq binding (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/events: add a new 'late EOI' evtchn framework (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/events: add a proper barrier to 2-level uevent unmasking (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/events: avoid removing an event channel while handling it (XSA-331 bsc#1177410).

- xen/events: block rogue events for some time (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/events: defer eoi in case of excessive number of events (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/events: do not use chip_data for legacy IRQs (XSA-332 bsc#1065600).

- xen/events: fix race in evtchn_fifo_unmask() (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/events: switch user event channels to lateeoi model (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/events: use a common cpu hotplug hook for event channels (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/gntdev.c: Mark pages as dirty (bsc#1065600).

- xen/netback: use lateeoi irq binding (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/pciback: use lateeoi irq binding (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xen/scsiback: use lateeoi irq binding (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).

- xfs: avoid infinite loop when cancelling CoW blocks after writeback failure (bsc#1178027).

- xfs: do not update mtime on COW faults (bsc#1167030).

- xfs: flush new eof page on truncate to avoid post-eof corruption (git-fixes).

- xfs: limit entries returned when counting fsmap records (git-fixes).


Update the affected the Linux Kernel packages.

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Plugin Details

Severity: High

ID: 142921

File Name: openSUSE-2020-1901.nasl

Version: 1.8

Type: local

Agent: unix

Published: 11/17/2020

Updated: 2/8/2024

Supported Sensors: Frictionless Assessment AWS, Frictionless Assessment Azure, Frictionless Assessment Agent, Nessus Agent, Nessus

Risk Information


Risk Factor: Medium

Score: 6.7


Risk Factor: Medium

Base Score: 6.9

Temporal Score: 5.4

Vector: CVSS2#AV:L/AC:M/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C

CVSS Score Source: CVE-2020-25668


Risk Factor: High

Base Score: 7.8

Temporal Score: 7

Vector: CVSS:3.0/AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H

Temporal Vector: CVSS:3.0/E:P/RL:O/RC:C

CVSS Score Source: CVE-2020-14351

Vulnerability Information

CPE: p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-debug, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-debug-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-debug-base-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-debug-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-debug-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-debug-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-debug-devel-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-default, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-default-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-default-base-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-default-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-default-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-default-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-default-devel-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-docs-html, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-kvmsmall, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-kvmsmall-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-kvmsmall-base-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-kvmsmall-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-kvmsmall-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-kvmsmall-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-kvmsmall-devel-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-macros, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-obs-build, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-obs-build-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-obs-qa, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-source, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-source-vanilla, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-syms, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-vanilla, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-vanilla-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-vanilla-base-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-vanilla-debuginfo, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-vanilla-debugsource, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-vanilla-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:opensuse:kernel-vanilla-devel-debuginfo, cpe:/o:novell:opensuse:15.1

Required KB Items: Host/local_checks_enabled, Host/cpu, Host/SuSE/release, Host/SuSE/rpm-list

Exploit Available: true

Exploit Ease: Exploits are available

Patch Publication Date: 11/12/2020

Vulnerability Publication Date: 9/13/2020

Reference Information

CVE: CVE-2020-0430, CVE-2020-14351, CVE-2020-16120, CVE-2020-25285, CVE-2020-25656, CVE-2020-25668, CVE-2020-8694