Scientific Linux Security Update : tcpdump on SL7.x x86_64

This script is Copyright (C) 2017 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote Scientific Linux host is missing one or more security

Description :

The following packages have been upgraded to a later upstream version:
tcpdump (4.9.0).

Security Fix(es) :

- Multiple out of bounds read and integer overflow
vulnerabilities were found in tcpdump affecting the
decoding of various protocols. An attacker could create
a crafted pcap file or send specially crafted packets to
the network segment where tcpdump is running in live
capture mode (without -w) which could cause it to
display incorrect data, crash or enter an infinite loop.
(CVE-2015-0261, CVE-2015-2153, CVE-2015-2154,
CVE-2015-2155, CVE-2016-7922, CVE-2016-7923,
CVE-2016-7924, CVE-2016-7925, CVE-2016-7926,
CVE-2016-7927, CVE-2016-7928, CVE-2016-7929,
CVE-2016-7930, CVE-2016-7931, CVE-2016-7932,
CVE-2016-7933, CVE-2016-7934, CVE-2016-7935,
CVE-2016-7936, CVE-2016-7937, CVE-2016-7938,
CVE-2016-7939, CVE-2016-7940, CVE-2016-7973,
CVE-2016-7974, CVE-2016-7975, CVE-2016-7983,
CVE-2016-7984, CVE-2016-7985, CVE-2016-7986,
CVE-2016-7992, CVE-2016-7993, CVE-2016-8574,
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CVE-2017-5204, CVE-2017-5205, CVE-2017-5341,
CVE-2017-5342, CVE-2017-5482, CVE-2017-5483,
CVE-2017-5484, CVE-2017-5485, CVE-2017-5486)

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Solution :

Update the affected tcpdump and / or tcpdump-debuginfo packages.

Risk factor :

High / CVSS Base Score : 7.5