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Apple iOS < 6.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host is missing a critical Apple iOS patch update.


According to its banner, the remote Apple iOS device is missing a security update. It is, therefore, affected by the following vulnerabilities :

- An error related to 'EUC-JP' encoding could allow cross-site scripting attacks. (CVE-2011-3058) - An out-of-bounds read error exists, related to 802.11i information handling, that could allow remote attackers to disable Wi-Fi. (CVE-2012-2619) - An error exists related to certificate-based 'Apple ID' authentication that could allow improper trust extension. (CVE-2013-0963) - An error exists related to the 'copyin' and 'copyout' functions that could allow a user-mode process to access the first page of kernel memory. (CVE-2013-0964) - An error exists related to Mobile Safari preferences that could improperly allow JavaScript to be enabled after a user has disabled it. (CVE-2013-0974) - Many errors exist related to the bundled 'WebKit' components. (CVE-2012-2824, CVE-2012-2857, CVE-2012-2889, CVE-2012-3606, CVE-2012-3607, CVE-2012-3621, CVE-2012-3632, CVE-2012-3687, CVE-2012-3701, CVE-2013-0948, CVE-2013-0949, CVE-2013-0950, CVE-2013-0951, CVE-2013-0952, CVE-2013-0953, CVE-2013-0954, CVE-2013-0955, CVE-2013-0956, CVE-2013-0958, CVE-2013-0959, CVE-2013-0962, CVE-2013-0968) - Two intermediate certificates, improperly issued by TURKTRUST certificate authority, are incorrectly trusted.


Upgrade to Apple iOS 6.1 or later.