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Google Chrome < 22.0.1229.79 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host contains a web browser that is affected by multiple vulnerabilities.


Versions of Google Chrome earlier than 22.0.1229.79 are potentially affected by the following vulnerabilities :

- Out-of-bounds write errors exist related to Skia and the PDF viewer. (CVE-2012-2874, CVE-2012-2883, CVE-2012-2895)

- Various, unspecified errors exist related to the PDF viewer. (CVE-2012-2875)

- A buffer overflow error exists related to 'SSE2' optimizations. (CVE-2012-2876)

- An unspecified error exists related to extensions and modal dialogs that can allow application crashes. (CVE-2012-2877)

- Use-after-free errors exist related to plugin handling, 'onclick' handling, 'SVG' text references and the PDF viewer. (CVE-2012-2878, CVE-2012-2887, CVE-2012-2888, CVE-2012-2890)

- An error exists related to 'DOM' topology corruption. (CVE-2012-2879)

- Race conditions exist in the plugin paint buffer. (CVE-2012-2880)

- 'DOM' tree corruption can occur with plugins. (CVE-2012-2881)

- A pointer error exists related to 'OGG' container handling. (CVE-2012-2882)- An out-of-bounds read error exists related to Skia. (CVE-2012-2884)

- The possibility of a double-free error exists related to application exit. (CVE-2012-2885)

- Universal cross-site scripting issues exist related to the v8 JavaScript engine bindings and frame handling. (CVE-2012-2886, CVE-2012-2889)

- Address information can be leaked via inter process communication (IPC). (CVE-2012-2891)

- A bypass error exists related to pop-up block. (CVE-2012-2892)

- A double-free error exists related to 'XSL' transforms. (CVE-2012-2893)

- An error exists related to graphics context handling. (CVE-2012-2894)

- An integer overflow error exists related to 'WebGL'. (CVE-2012-2896) Successful exploitation of any of these issues could lead to an application crash or even allow arbitrary code execution, subject to the user's privileges.


Upgrade to Google Chrome 22.0.1229.79 or later.