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SeaMonkey 2.x < 2.3.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host has a web browser installed that is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


Versions of SeaMonkey earlier than 2.3.0 are potentially affected by multiple vulnerabilities :

- An error in SVG text manipulation code createes a dangling pointer vulnerability. (CVE-2011-0084)

- Multiple unspecified memory safety issues exist. (CVE-2011-2985)

- An errir in the D2D hardware acceleration code can allow image data from one domain to be read by another domain. (CVE-2011-2986)

- An error in the ANGLE library used by the WebGL implementation can allow heap overflows, possibly leading to code execution. (CVE-2011-2987)

- An error in the shader program handling code can allow a large shader program to overflow a buffer and crash. (CVE-2011-2988)

- An unspecified error exists related to WebGL. (CVE-2011-2989)

- Two errors exist related to Content Security Policy and can lead to information disclosure. (CVE-2011-2990)

- An unspecified error exists that can allow JavaScript crashes. (CVE-2011-2991)

- An unspecified error exists that can allow the Ogg reader to crash. (CVE-2011-2992)

- An unspecified error exists that can allow unsigned JavaScript to call into a signed JAR and inherit the signed JAR's permissions and identity. (CVE-2011-2993)


Upgrade to SeaMonkey 2.3.0 or later.