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Google Chrome < 13.0.782.107 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host contains a web browser that is affected by a code execution vulnerability.


Versions of Google Chrome earlier than 13.0.782.107 are potentially affected by multiple vulnerabilities :

- It is possible to install an extension without a confirmation dialog. (Issue 75821)

- A stale pointer exists due to bad line box tracking in rendering. (Issue 78841)

- It is possible to bypass the dangerous file prompt. (Issue 79266)

- An unspecified issue exists relating to the designation of strings in the basic auth dialog. (Issue 79426)

- A file permissions error exists with drag and drop. Note that this issue only affects Chrome on Linux. (Issue 81307)

- Developer mode NPAPI extension installs are not always confirmed via browser dialog boxes. (Issue 83273)

- It is possible for the local file path to be disclosed via a GL program log. (CVE-2011-2784)

- The homepage URL in extensions is not properly sanitized. (Issue 84402)

- The speech-input bubble is not always displayed on-screen. (Issue 84600)

- It is possible to crash the browser due to a GPU lock re-entrancy issue. (Issue 84805)

- A buffer overflow issue exists in inspector serialization. (Issue 85559)

- A use-after-free issue exists in the Pepper plug-in installation. (Issue 85808)

- A use-after-free issue exists with floating styles. (Issue 86502)

- An out-of-bounds write exists in ICU. (Issue 86900)

- A use-after-free issue exists with float removal. (Issue 87148)

- A use-after-free issue exists in media selectors. (Issue 87227)

- An out-of-bounds read exists in text iteration. (Issue 87298)

- A leak exists relating to cross-frame functions. (Issue 87339)

- A use-after-free issue exists in Skia. (Issue 87548)

- A use-after-free issue exists in resource caching. (Issue 87729)

- Several unspecified internal schemes are web accessible. (Issue 87815)

- A use-after-free issue exists in HTML range handling. (Issue 87925)

- It is possible for a client side redirect target to be leaked. (Issue 88337)

- It is possible for v8 to crash with const lookups. (Issue 88591)

- A use-after-free issue exists in the frame loader. (Issue 88846)

- A use-after-free issue exists in display box rendering. (Issue 88889)

- A PDF crash exists with nested functions. (Issue 89142)

- A cross-origin script injection issue exists. (Issue 89520)

- A cross-origin violation exists in base URI handling. (Issue 90222)


Upgrade to Google Chrome 13.0.782.107 or later.