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MySQL Community Server 5.1 < 5.1.49 Multiple Denial of Service Vulnerabilities



The remote database server is vulnerable to multiple denial of service attacks.


Versions of MySQL Community Server 5.1 earlier than 5.1.49 are potentially affected by multiple vulnerabilities :

- After changing the values of the 'innodb_file_format' or 'innodb_file_per_table' configuration parameters, DDL statements could cause a server crash. (Bug #55039)

Joins involving a table with a unique SET column could cause a server crash. (Bug #54575)

Incorrect handling of NULL arguments could lead to a crash for IN() or CASE operations when ULL arguments were either passed explicitly as arguments (for IN()) or implicitly generated by the WITH ROLLUP modifier which could lead to a crash. (Bug #54477)

- A malformed argument to the BINLOG statement could result in Valgrind warnings or a server crash. (Bug #54393)

- Use of TEMPORARY InnoDB tables with nullabale columns could cause a server crash. (Bug #54044)

- The server could crash if there were alternate reads from two indexes on a table using the HANDLER interface. (Bug #54007)

- Using EXPLAIN with specially crafted queries could lead to a crash. (Bug #52711)

- 'LOAD DATA INFILE' did not check for SQL errors and sent an OK packet even when errors were already reported. (Bug #52512)


Upgrade to MySQL Community Server 5.1.49 or later.