SuSE 11.2 Security Update : Linux kernel (SAT Patch Numbers 6453 / 6457)

high Nessus Plugin ID 64176
New! Plugin Severity Now Using CVSS v3

The calculated severity for Plugins has been updated to use CVSS v3 by default. Plugins that do not have a CVSS v3 score will fall back to CVSS v2 for calculating severity. Severity display preferences can be toggled in the settings dropdown.


The remote SuSE 11 host is missing one or more security updates.


The SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 kernel was updated to 3.0.34, fixing a lot of bugs and security issues.

The update from Linux kernel 3.0.31 to 3.0.34 also fixes various bugs not listed here.

The following security issues have been fixed :

- Local attackers could trigger an overflow in sock_alloc_send_pksb(), potentially crashing the machine or escalate privileges. (CVE-2012-2136)

- A memory leak in transparent hugepages on mmap failure could be used by local attacker to run the machine out of memory (local denial of service). (CVE-2012-2390)

- A malicious guest driver could overflow the host stack by passing a long descriptor, so potentially crashing the host system or escalating privileges on the host.

- Malicious NFS server could crash the clients when more than 2 GETATTR bitmap words are returned in response to the FATTR4_ACL attribute requests, only incompletely fixed by CVE-2011-4131. (CVE-2012-2375)

The following non-security bugs have been fixed :

Hyper-V :

- storvsc: Properly handle errors from the host.

- HID: hid-hyperv: Do not use hid_parse_report() directly.

- HID: hyperv: Set the hid drvdata correctly.

- drivers/hv: Get rid of an unnecessary check in vmbus_prep_negotiate_resp().

- drivers/hv: util: Properly handle version negotiations.

- hv: fix return type of hv_post_message().

- net/hyperv: Add flow control based on hi/low watermark.

- usb/net: rndis: break out <1/rndis.h> defines. only net/hyperv part

- usb/net: rndis: remove ambiguous status codes. only net/hyperv part

- usb/net: rndis: merge command codes. only net/hyperv part

- net/hyperv: Adding cancellation to ensure rndis filter is closed.

- update hv drivers to 3.4-rc1, requires new hv_kvp_daemon :

- drivers: hv: kvp: Add/cleanup connector defines.

- drivers: hv: kvp: Move the contents of hv_kvp.h to hyperv.h.

- net/hyperv: Convert camel cased variables in rndis_filter.c to lower cases.

- net/hyperv: Correct the assignment in netvsc_recv_callback().

- net/hyperv: Remove the unnecessary memset in rndis_filter_send().

- drivers: hv: Cleanup the kvp related state in hyperv.h.

- tools: hv: Use hyperv.h to get the KVP definitions.

- drivers: hv: kvp: Cleanup the kernel/user protocol.

- drivers: hv: Increase the number of VCPUs supported in the guest.

- net/hyperv: Fix data corruption in rndis_filter_receive().

- net/hyperv: Add support for vlan trunking from guests.

- Drivers: hv: Add new message types to enhance KVP.

- Drivers: hv: Support the newly introduced KVP messages in the driver.

- Tools: hv: Fully support the new KVP verbs in the user level daemon.

- Tools: hv: Support enumeration from all the pools.

- net/hyperv: Fix the code handling tx busy.

- patches.suse/suse-hv-pata_piix-ignore-disks.patch replace our version of this patch with upstream variant:
ata_piix: defer disks to the Hyper-V drivers by default libata: add a host flag to ignore detected ATA devices.

Btrfs :

- btrfs: more module message prefixes.

- vfs: re-implement writeback_inodes_sb(_nr)_if_idle() and rename them

- btrfs: flush all the dirty pages if try_to_writeback_inodes_sb_nr() fails

- vfs: re-implement writeback_inodes_sb(_nr)_if_idle() and rename them

- btrfs: fix locking in btrfs_destroy_delayed_refs

- btrfs: wake up transaction waiters when aborting a transaction

- btrfs: abort the transaction if the commit fails

- btrfs: fix btrfs_destroy_marked_extents

- btrfs: unlock everything properly in the error case for nocow

- btrfs: fix return code in drop_objectid_items

- btrfs: check to see if the inode is in the log before fsyncing

- btrfs: pass locked_page into extent_clear_unlock_delalloc if theres an error

- btrfs: check the return code of btrfs_save_ino_cache

- btrfs: do not update atime for RO snapshots (FATE#306586).

- btrfs: convert the inode bit field to use the actual bit operations

- btrfs: fix deadlock when the process of delayed refs fails

- btrfs: stop defrag the files automatically when doin readonly remount or umount

- btrfs: avoid memory leak of extent state in error handling routine

- btrfs: make sure that we have made everything in pinned tree clean

- btrfs: destroy the items of the delayed inodes in error handling routine

- btrfs: ulist realloc bugfix

- btrfs: bugfix in btrfs_find_parent_nodes

- btrfs: bugfix: ignore the wrong key for indirect tree block backrefs

- btrfs: avoid buffer overrun in btrfs_printk

- btrfs: fall back to non-inline if we do not have enough space

- btrfs: NUL-terminate path buffer in DEV_INFO ioctl result

- btrfs: avoid buffer overrun in mount option handling

- btrfs: do not do balance in readonly mode

- btrfs: fix the same inode id problem when doing auto defragment

- btrfs: fix wrong error returned by adding a device

- btrfs: use fastpath in extent state ops as much as possible Misc :

- tcp: drop SYN+FIN messages. (bnc#765102)

- mm: avoid swapping out with swappiness==0 (swappiness).

- thp: avoid atomic64_read in pmd_read_atomic for 32bit PAE. (bnc#762991)

- paravirt: Split paravirt MMU ops (bnc#556135, bnc#754690, FATE#306453).

- paravirt: Only export pv_mmu_ops symbol if PARAVIRT_MMU

- parvirt: Stub support KABI for KVM_MMU (bnc#556135, bnc#754690, FATE#306453).

- tmpfs: implement NUMA node interleaving. (bnc#764209)

- synaptics-hp-clickpad: Fix the detection of LED on the recent HP laptops. (bnc#765524)

- supported.conf: mark xt_AUDIT as supported. (bnc#765253)

- mm: pmd_read_atomic: fix 32bit PAE pmd walk vs pmd_populate SMP race condition. (bnc#762991 / CVE-2012-2373)

- xhci: Do not free endpoints in xhci_mem_cleanup().

- xhci: Fix invalid loop check in xhci_free_tt_info().

- drm: Skip too big EDID extensions. (bnc#764900)

- drm/i915: Add HP EliteBook to LVDS-temporary-disable list. (bnc#763717)

- hwmon: (fam15h_power) Increase output resolution.

- hwmon: (k10temp) Add support for AMD Trinity CPUs.

- rpm/ Own the right -kdump initrd.

- memcg: prevent from OOM with too many dirty pages.

- dasd: re-prioritize partition detection message (bnc#764091,LTC#81617).

- kernel: pfault task state race (bnc#764091,LTC#81724).

- kernel: clear page table for sw large page emulation (bnc#764091,LTC#81933).

- USB: fix bug of device descriptor got from superspeed device. (bnc#761087)

- xfrm: take net hdr len into account for esp payload size calculation. (bnc#759545)

- st: clean up dev cleanup in st_probe. (bnc#760806)

- st: clean up device file creation and removal.

- st: get rid of scsi_tapes array. (bnc#760806)

- st: raise device limit. (bnc#760806)

- st: Use static class attributes. (bnc#760806)

- mm: Optimize put_mems_allowed() usage (VM performance).

- cifs: fix oops while traversing open file list (try #4).

- scsi: Fix dm-multipath starvation when scsi host is busy. (bnc#763485)

- dasd: process all requests in the device tasklet.

- rt2x00:Add RT539b chipset support. (bnc#760237)

- kabi/severities: Ignore changes in drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00, these are just exports used among the rt2x00 modules.

- rt2800: radio 3xxx: reprogram only lower bits of RF_R3.

- rt2800: radio 3xxx: program RF_R1 during channel switch.

- rt2800: radio 3xxxx: channel switch RX/TX calibration fixes. (bnc#759805)

- rt2x00: Avoid unnecessary uncached. (bnc#759805)

- rt2x00: Introduce sta_add/remove callbacks. (bnc#759805)

- rt2x00: Add WCID to crypto struct. (bnc#759805)

- rt2x00: Add WCID to HT TX descriptor. (bnc#759805)

- rt2x00: Move bssidx calculation into its own function.

- rt2x00: Make use of sta_add/remove callbacks in rt2800.

- rt2x00: Forbid aggregation for STAs not programmed into the hw. (bnc#759805)

- rt2x00: handle spurious pci interrupts. (bnc#759805)

- rt2800: disable DMA after firmware load.

- rt2800: radio 3xxx: add channel switch calibration routines. (bnc#759805)

- rpm/ Obsolete ath3k, as it is now in the tree.

- floppy: remove floppy-specific O_EXCL handling.

- floppy: convert to delayed work and single-thread wq.


Apply SAT patch number 6453 / 6457 as appropriate.

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Plugin Details

Severity: High

ID: 64176

File Name: suse_11_kernel-120621.nasl

Version: 1.5

Type: local

Agent: unix

Published: 1/25/2013

Updated: 1/19/2021

Dependencies: ssh_get_info.nasl

Risk Information


Risk Factor: Medium

Score: 5.9


Risk Factor: High

Base Score: 7.2

Vector: AV:L/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C

Vulnerability Information

CPE: p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-default, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-default-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-default-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-default-extra, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-default-man, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-ec2, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-ec2-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-ec2-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-pae, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-pae-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-pae-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-pae-extra, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-source, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-syms, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-trace, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-trace-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-trace-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-trace-extra, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-xen, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-xen-base, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-xen-devel, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kernel-xen-extra, cpe:/o:novell:suse_linux:11

Required KB Items: Host/local_checks_enabled, Host/cpu, Host/SuSE/release, Host/SuSE/rpm-list

Patch Publication Date: 6/21/2012

Reference Information

CVE: CVE-2011-4131, CVE-2012-2119, CVE-2012-2136, CVE-2012-2373, CVE-2012-2375, CVE-2012-2390