SuSE 11 Security Update : KDE4 PIM packages (SAT Patch Number 808)

High Nessus Plugin ID 41409


The remote SuSE 11 host is missing one or more security updates.


This kdepim4 and kdepimlibs4 update fixes lots of bugs and one security issue :

KMail 4.1.x executes links in mail without confirmation. (no cve assigned yet)

It also fixes lots of non-security bugs :

kdepim4 :

- kdepim: make sure we initially create items for subresources

- kdepim: fix autocompletion shortcut error

- kdepim: reduce linkage

- akregator: fix copy text from article view widget (kde#168865)

- akregator: fix saving articlelistview settings (kde#176262,bnc#430825)

- akregator: improve prev/next unread article behavior when a filter is set (kde#138935)

- gpgme: Fix persistent progress dialogs for GPG key ops (kde#169563)

- kaddressbook: fix help anchors

- kaddressbook: set department and org fields on vcard export

- kaddressbook: Fix LDIF import for files with windows linebreaks

- kalarm: fix translation not loaded

- kalarm: correctly handle failure to create alarm resource

- kalarm: Copying alarm to KOrganizer fails when embedded in Kontact (kde#176759)

- kalarm: Fix kalarmautostart crash on logout

- kalarm: fix click on system tray icon not showing main window

- kalarm: disabled from enabled alarm colour when highlighted in alarm list

- kalarm: UI fixes

- kalarm: signal when work hours change

- kalarm: fix command alarms (kde#175623)

- kalarm: Fix toolbar settings being lost

- kalarm: Fix crash if activated again while restoring from previous session

- kalarm: update change log

- kalarm: correct system tray icon parent

- kalarm: show idle time on correct virtual desktop (kde#153442,kde#174346)

- kalarm: ensure alarms shown above full-screen windows

- kalarm: Fix invalid alarm remaining in calendar on failure

- kjots: fix paste of richtext and tabs becoming spaces bugs (kde#160600,kde#175100)

- kmail: fix loss of configured receiving accounts on exit with wallet dialog open (kde#169166)

- kmail: do not execute executables when clicking a link, and solve dangling kmmsgbase pointer crash (kde#179765,bnc#490696)

- kmail: fix crash when syncing imap flags (kde#106030)

- kmail: detect urgent X-Priority correctly

- kmail: fix opening zip attachments

- kmail: don't show unconfigurable shortcuts in dialog

- kmail: fix added subfolders not appearing in the folder selection dialog

- kmail: configure dialog UI fixes

- kmail: display receiving accounts correctly in config

- kmail: unread mail layout bug (bug#174304)

- kmail: don't force duplicate add to addressbook (kde#174332)

- kmail: remove deprecated spamassassin flag (kde#140032)

- kmail: update detected encoding on inserting file in composer (kde#88781)

- kmail: fix unreactive encoding change dialog (kde#149309,kde#145163)

- kmail: update detected encoding on inserting file in composer (kde#88781)

- kmail: fix out of range in parsing mail bug

- kmail: various encoding fixes (kde#64815)

- kmail: remove spurious assert

- kmail: sieve dialog fixes

- kmail: missing i18n

- kmail: Fix the 'open in addressbook' action

- kmail: attachments check fix

- kmail: Fix spacing in Configure

- kmail: fix inline-forwarding of messages with attachments. (kde#178128,kde#146921)

- kmail: don't allow attachment deletion/editing in read-only folders (kolab#3324)

- kmail: fix crash when clicking on one of the invitation action links

- kmail: fix inline forwarding of multipart/mixed messages

- kmail: fix crashing in templates (kde#178038)

- knode: fix rules editor crash and saving and loading of scoring rules (kde:170030,kde:175045)

- knode: fix incorrect charset header (kde:169411)

- knode: safety checks

- knotes: various crash fixes

- knotes: don't exit when the last window is closed (kde#153244)

- kontact: fix help anchors

- kontact: fix crash on opening configure dialog (kde#174707)

- korganizer: fix task filtering (kde#171205)

- korganizer: public holidays for Chile

- korganizer: public holidays for Jamaica

- korganizer: fix crash when deleting categories with deep subcategories (kde#153740)

- korganizer: fix Russian holidays

- korganizer: allow to change my status even if I'm the organizer of this event (kolab#3084)

- korganizer: Fix crashes on saving new calendar

- korganizer: correct Norwegian public holidays

- korganizer: calendar scroll widget fixes

- korganizer: navigator bar menu fixes

- korganizer: navigatorbar - fix selectMonth() to emit the correct month index

- korganizer: navigatorbar - layout cleanup

- korganizer: indicate when subresources are present

- korganizer: fix missing RTL text in monthviews

- korganizer: potential setNoActionCursor crash fix

- korganizer: navigatorbar - fix jumping labels

- korganizer: navigatorbar - fix crash on exit

- korganizer: fix alignment of day labels to main matrix

- korganizer: make do not show to-dos in monthview work

- korganizer: fix crash on removing attendees (kde#172354)

- korganizer: fix cancelling imip send

- korganizer: fix print crashing (kde#160260)

- korganizer: fix print default year

- korganizer: fix printing generally

- korganizer: fix printing UTC incidences (kde)

- korganizer: fix month view doesnt react to key and mouse events (kde#175814)

- korganizer: make paste work on actual selection (kde#175814,kde#132863)

- korganizer: pasting fix

- korganizer: fix sorting todos

- korganizer: menu fixes

- korganizer: backports to help make Paste work

- korganizer: type-ahead event creation ignores ctrl keys

- korganizer: robustness work in synchronous address book loading

- korganizer: paint the all-day item headers

- korganizer: initialise special dates UI correctly

- korganizer: disable the configuration area for deselected plugins

- korganizer: hide redundant configure plugin button

- korganizer: fix agendaview configuration

- korganizer: ensure agendaview decoration is selected

- korganizer: fix to-do copying

- korganizer: todo rich text speedup

- korganizer: fix what's next view todo links

- korganizer: fix event duplication when moving events with the mouse.

- korganizer: fix duplicate default resources.

- korganizer: fix tab order

- korganizer: fix performance problems on updateEvents()

- korganizer: fix new journal is set to date of the first day of the week/month (kde#170634)

- korganizer: fix slow switching calendar views (kde#170993)

- korganizer: maintain selected day on view change

- korganizer: fix performance problems with month switching (kde#166771)

- korganizer: don't load decoration plugins multiple times

- korganizer: an attempt at fixing the dreaded crash in paintEvent().

- korganizer: fixes in pasting

- korganizer: don't lose last day on setting recurring events

- korganizer: updated Slovenian holidays

- korganizer: avoid assert when adding attachments

- kresources: blog - remove non-working LiveJournal support

- kresources: birthdays - complete load sequence

- kresources: birthdays - fix alarms

- kresources: Write subresource state changes immediately (kolab#3314)

- kresources: groupwise - fixes to warn on trying to set up dud local<->remote id mappings

- ktimetracker: fix crash when deleting the last task (kde:173543) kdepimlibs4 :

- fixes a crash on korgac startup triggered when parsing the timezoneId from a null string

- libical safety fix

- memleak in Generic kmime header

- test before delete[] is not needed

- fix memleak in knode

- fix the kio_sieve related klauncher crashes

- return better errors for gpgme write failures and missing passphrases

- Fix signing of multiple uids (!= all, though) at the same time

- Print the nextState() call also in the error case

- gpgme: Fix 'General Error' returned when trying to sign an already signed UID again with the same key.

- gpgme: use better error codes

- gpgme: Treat GPGME_STATUS_{KEY,SIG}EXPIRED as errors, too.

- gpgme: Add missing gpg_error() call (to set the correct source of the error)

- kblog: fix broken tagging

- kblog: GData tagging fix

- fix sending mail fails due to spurious newline in server name configuration (kde#175892)

- fix korganizer crash with akonadi resources (kde#175971)

- remove use of isNull in icalformat

- properly initialize kcal::attachment ctor

- kcal: fix spurious error on empty alarm trigger

- kcal: inline attachment fixes

- kcal: crash fixes

- kldap: crash bug fix (kde#174381)

- Fix LDAP using simple authentication (kde#163319)

- ldap: Quote CN parameters correctly. (kolab#3281)

- update reference test files

- merge updated testcase runner

- use .shell versions of tests

- remove mistaken reference files

- fix a backporting boo-boo

- kcal: fix an ical date interpretation bug

- Fix a crash when using egroupware.

- Fix a crash in KOrganizer when the addressbook contains a LDAP resource.

- Fixes an assert crash when unloading and then loading a vCal resource

- Fix high traffic rss feed fetches

- Fix for improperly formatted mailto: links in the KOrganizer eventviewer.

- fixcrash if data() returns null (CID:3969)

- Fix sieve with dovecot servers

- Fix parsing of time string to be more conforming to ISO 8601

- kcal: Fix iCal export due to wrongly discarded last byte (porting bug) (kde#182224)


Apply SAT patch number 808.

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Plugin Details

Severity: High

ID: 41409

File Name: suse_11_kde4-akonadi-090417.nasl

Version: $Revision: 1.6 $

Type: local

Agent: unix

Published: 2009/09/24

Modified: 2013/10/25

Dependencies: 12634

Risk Information

Risk Factor: High

Vulnerability Information

CPE: p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-akonadi, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-akregator, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-kaddressbook, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-kalarm, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-kjots, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-kmail, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-knode, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-knotes, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-kontact, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-korganizer, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-ktimetracker, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kde4-ktnef, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kdepim4, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kdepim4-wizards, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:kdepimlibs4, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:libakonadi4, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:libkdepim4, p-cpe:/a:novell:suse_linux:11:libkdepimlibs4, cpe:/o:novell:suse_linux:11

Required KB Items: Host/local_checks_enabled, Host/cpu, Host/SuSE/release, Host/SuSE/rpm-list

Patch Publication Date: 2009/04/17