SUSE SLED12 / SLES12 Security Update : kernel (SUSE-SU-2017:0575-1)

This script is Copyright (C) 2017 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote SUSE host is missing one or more security updates.

Description :

The SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2 kernel was updated to 4.4.49 to
receive various security and bugfixes. The following security bugs
were fixed :

- CVE-2016-7117: Use-after-free vulnerability in the
__sys_recvmmsg function in net/socket.c in the Linux
kernel allowed remote attackers to execute arbitrary
code via vectors involving a recvmmsg system call that
was mishandled during error processing (bnc#1003077).

- CVE-2017-5576: Integer overflow in the vc4_get_bcl
function in drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_gem.c in the
VideoCore DRM driver in the Linux kernel allowed local
users to cause a denial of service or possibly have
unspecified other impact via a crafted size value in a
VC4_SUBMIT_CL ioctl call (bnc#1021294).

- CVE-2017-5577: The vc4_get_bcl function in
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_gem.c in the VideoCore DRM
driver in the Linux kernel did not set an errno value
upon certain overflow detections, which allowed local
users to cause a denial of service (incorrect pointer
dereference and OOPS) via inconsistent size values in a
VC4_SUBMIT_CL ioctl call (bnc#1021294).

- CVE-2017-5551: The simple_set_acl function in
fs/posix_acl.c in the Linux kernel preserved the setgid
bit during a setxattr call involving a tmpfs filesystem,
which allowed local users to gain group privileges by
leveraging the existence of a setgid program with
restrictions on execute permissions. (bnc#1021258).

- CVE-2017-2583: The load_segment_descriptor
implementation in arch/x86/kvm/emulate.c in the Linux
kernel improperly emulated a 'MOV SS, NULL selector'
instruction, which allowed guest OS users to cause a
denial of service (guest OS crash) or gain guest OS
privileges via a crafted application (bnc#1020602).

- CVE-2017-2584: arch/x86/kvm/emulate.c in the Linux
kernel allowed local users to obtain sensitive
information from kernel memory or cause a denial of
service (use-after-free) via a crafted application that
leverages instruction emulation for fxrstor, fxsave,
sgdt, and sidt (bnc#1019851).

- CVE-2015-8709: kernel/ptrace.c in the Linux kernel
mishandled uid and gid mappings, which allowed local
users to gain privileges by establishing a user
namespace, waiting for a root process to enter that
namespace with an unsafe uid or gid, and then using the
ptrace system call. NOTE: the vendor states 'there is no
kernel bug here' (bnc#1010933).

- CVE-2016-9806: Race condition in the netlink_dump
function in net/netlink/af_netlink.c in the Linux kernel
allowed local users to cause a denial of service (double
free) or possibly have unspecified other impact via a
crafted application that made sendmsg system calls,
leading to a free operation associated with a new dump
that started earlier than anticipated (bnc#1013540).

- CVE-2017-5897: fixed a bug in the Linux kernel IPv6
implementation which allowed remote attackers to trigger
an out-of-bounds access, leading to a denial-of-service
attack (bnc#1023762).

- CVE-2017-5970: Fixed a possible denial-of-service that
could have been triggered by sending bad IP options on a
socket (bsc#1024938).

- CVE-2017-5986: an application could have triggered a
BUG_ON() in sctp_wait_for_sndbuf() if the socket TX
buffer was full, a thread was waiting on it to queue
more data, and meanwhile another thread peeled off the
association being used by the first thread
(bsc#1025235). The following non-security bugs were
fixed :

- 8250: fintek: rename IRQ_MODE macro (boo#1009546).

- acpi: nfit, libnvdimm: fix / harden ars_status output
length handling (bsc#1023175).

- acpi: nfit: fix bus vs dimm confusion in xlat_status

- acpi: nfit: validate ars_status output buffer size

- arm64: numa: fix incorrect log for memory-less node

- asoc: cht_bsw_rt5645: Fix leftover kmalloc

- asoc: rt5670: add HS ground control (bsc#1016250).

- bcache: Make gc wakeup sane, remove set_task_state()

- bcache: partition support: add 16 minors per bcacheN
device (bsc#1019784).

- blk-mq: Allow timeouts to run while queue is freezing

- blk-mq: Always schedule hctx->next_cpu (bsc#1020817).

- blk-mq: Avoid memory reclaim when remapping queues

- blk-mq: Fix failed allocation path when mapping queues

- blk-mq: do not overwrite rq->mq_ctx (bsc#1020817).

- blk-mq: improve warning for running a queue on the wrong
CPU (bsc#1020817).

- block: Change extern inline to static inline

- bluetooth: btmrvl: fix hung task warning dump

- bnx2x: Correct ringparam estimate when DOWN

- brcmfmac: Change error print on wlan0 existence

- btrfs: add support for RENAME_EXCHANGE and
RENAME_WHITEOUT (bsc#1020975).

- btrfs: bugfix: handle

- btrfs: fix btrfs_compat_ioctl failures on non-compat
ioctls (bsc#1018100).

- btrfs: fix inode leak on failure to setup whiteout inode
in rename (bsc#1020975).

- btrfs: fix lockdep warning about log_mutex

- btrfs: fix lockdep warning on deadlock against an
inode's log mutex (bsc#1021455).

- btrfs: fix number of transaction units for renames with
whiteout (bsc#1020975).

- btrfs: increment ctx->pos for every emitted or skipped
dirent in readdir (bsc#981709).

- btrfs: incremental send, fix invalid paths for rename
operations (bsc#1018316).

- btrfs: incremental send, fix premature rmdir operations

- btrfs: pin log earlier when renaming (bsc#1020975).

- btrfs: pin logs earlier when doing a rename exchange
operation (bsc#1020975).

- btrfs: remove old tree_root dirent processing in
btrfs_real_readdir() (bsc#981709).

- btrfs: send, add missing error check for calls to
path_loop() (bsc#1018316).

- btrfs: send, avoid incorrect leaf accesses when sending
utimes operations (bsc#1018316).

- btrfs: send, fix failure to move directories with the
same name around (bsc#1018316).

- btrfs: send, fix invalid leaf accesses due to incorrect
utimes operations (bsc#1018316).

- btrfs: send, fix warning due to late freeing of
orphan_dir_info structures (bsc#1018316).

- btrfs: test_check_exists: Fix infinite loop when
searching for free space entries (bsc#987192).

- btrfs: unpin log if rename operation fails

- btrfs: unpin logs if rename exchange operation fails

- ceph: fix bad endianness handling in
parse_reply_info_extra (bsc#1020488).

- clk: xgene: Add PMD clock (bsc#1019351).

- clk: xgene: Do not call __pa on ioremaped address

- clk: xgene: Remove CLK_IS_ROOT (bsc#1019351).

- config: enable CONFIG_OCFS2_DEBUG_MASKLOG for ocfs2

- config: enable Ceph kernel client modules for ppc64le

- config: enable Ceph kernel client modules for s390x

- crypto: FIPS - allow tests to be disabled in FIPS mode

- crypto: drbg - do not call drbg_instantiate in healt
test (bsc#1018913).

- crypto: drbg - remove FIPS 140-2 continuous test

- crypto: qat - fix bar discovery for c62x (bsc#1021251).

- crypto: qat - zero esram only for DH85x devices

- crypto: rsa - allow keys >= 2048 bits in FIPS mode

- crypto: xts - consolidate sanity check for keys

- crypto: xts - fix compile errors (bsc#1018913).

- cxl: fix potential NULL dereference in free_adapter()

- dax: fix deadlock with DAX 4k holes (bsc#1012829).

- dax: fix device-dax region base (bsc#1023175).

- device-dax: check devm_nsio_enable() return value

- device-dax: fail all private mapping attempts

- device-dax: fix percpu_ref_exit ordering (bsc#1023175).

- driver core: fix race between creating/querying glue dir
and its cleanup (bnc#1008742).

- drivers: hv: Introduce a policy for controlling channel

- drivers: hv: balloon: Add logging for dynamic memory

- drivers: hv: balloon: Disable hot add when

- drivers: hv: balloon: Fix info request to show max page

- drivers: hv: balloon: Use available memory value in
pressure report.

- drivers: hv: balloon: account for gaps in hot add

- drivers: hv: balloon: keep track of where ha_region

- drivers: hv: balloon: replace ha_region_mutex with

- drivers: hv: cleanup vmbus_open() for wrap around

- drivers: hv: do not leak memory in

- drivers: hv: get rid of id in struct vmbus_channel.

- drivers: hv: get rid of redundant messagecount in

- drivers: hv: get rid of timeout in vmbus_open().

- drivers: hv: make VMBus bus ids persistent.

- drivers: hv: ring_buffer: count on wrap around mappings
in get_next_pkt_raw() (v2).

- drivers: hv: ring_buffer: use wrap around mappings in
hv_copy{from, to}_ringbuffer().

- drivers: hv: ring_buffer: wrap around mappings for ring

- drivers: hv: utils: Check VSS daemon is listening before
a hot backup.

- drivers: hv: utils: Continue to poll VSS channel after
handling requests.

- drivers: hv: utils: Fix the mapping between host version
and protocol to use.

- drivers: hv: utils: reduce HV_UTIL_NEGO_TIMEOUT timeout.

- drivers: hv: vmbus: Base host signaling strictly on the
ring state.

- drivers: hv: vmbus: Enable explicit signaling policy for
NIC channels.

- drivers: hv: vmbus: Implement a mechanism to tag the
channel for low latency.

- drivers: hv: vmbus: Make mmio resource local.

- drivers: hv: vmbus: On the read path cleanup the logic
to interrupt the host.

- drivers: hv: vmbus: On write cleanup the logic to
interrupt the host.

- drivers: hv: vmbus: Reduce the delay between retries in

- drivers: hv: vmbus: finally fix

- drivers: hv: vmbus: fix the race when querying and
updating the percpu list.

- drivers: hv: vmbus: suppress some 'hv_vmbus: Unknown
GUID' warnings.

- drivers: hv: vss: Improve log messages.

- drivers: hv: vss: Operation timeouts should match host

- drivers: net: phy: mdio-xgene: Add hardware dependency

- drivers: net: phy: xgene: Fix 'remove' function

- drivers: net: xgene: Add change_mtu function

- drivers: net: xgene: Add flow control configuration

- drivers: net: xgene: Add flow control initialization

- drivers: net: xgene: Add helper function (bsc#1019351).

- drivers: net: xgene: Add support for Jumbo frame

- drivers: net: xgene: Configure classifier with pagepool

- drivers: net: xgene: Fix MSS programming (bsc#1019351).

- drivers: net: xgene: fix build after change_mtu function
change (bsc#1019351).

- drivers: net: xgene: fix: Coalescing values for v2
hardware (bsc#1019351).

- drivers: net: xgene: fix: Disable coalescing on v1
hardware (bsc#1019351).

- drivers: net: xgene: fix: RSS for non-TCP/UDP

- drivers: net: xgene: fix: Use GPIO to get link status

- drivers: net: xgene: uninitialized variable in
xgene_enet_free_pagepool() (bsc#1019351).

- drm: Delete previous two fixes for i915 (bsc#1019061).
These upstream fixes brought some regressions, so better
to revert for now.

- drm: Disable
er-one-pass The patch seems leading to the instability
on Wyse box (bsc#1015367).

- drm: Fix broken VT switch with video=1366x768 option

- drm: Use u64 for intermediate dotclock calculations

- drm: i915: Do not init hpd polling for vlv and chv from
runtime_suspend() (bsc#1014120).

- drm: i915: Fix PCODE polling during CDCLK change
notification (bsc#1015367).

- drm: i915: Fix watermarks for VLV/CHV (bsc#1011176).

- drm: i915: Force VDD off on the new power seqeuencer
before starting to use it (bsc#1009674).

- drm: i915: Mark CPU cache as dirty when used for
rendering (bsc#1015367).

- drm: i915: Mark i915_hpd_poll_init_work as static

- drm: i915: Prevent PPS stealing from a normal DP port on
VLV/CHV (bsc#1019061).

- drm: i915: Prevent enabling hpd polling in late suspend

- drm: i915: Restore PPS HW state from the encoder resume
hook (bsc#1019061).

- drm: i915: Workaround for DP DPMS D3 on Dell monitor

- drm: vc4: Fix an integer overflow in temporary
allocation layout (bsc#1021294).

- drm: vc4: Return -EINVAL on the overflow checks failing

- drm: virtio-gpu: get the fb from the plane state for
atomic updates (bsc#1023101).

- edac: xgene: Fix spelling mistake in error messages

- efi: libstub: Move Graphics Output Protocol handling to
generic code (bnc#974215).

- fbcon: Fix vc attr at deinit (bsc#1000619).

- fs: nfs: avoid including 'mountproto=' with no protocol
in /proc/mounts (bsc#1019260).

- gpio: xgene: make explicitly non-modular (bsc#1019351).

- hv: acquire vmbus_connection.channel_mutex in

- hv: change clockevents unbind tactics.

- hv: do not reset hv_context.tsc_page on crash.

- hv_netvsc: Add handler for physical link speed change.

- hv_netvsc: Add query for initial physical link speed.

- hv_netvsc: Implement batching of receive completions.

- hv_netvsc: Revert 'make inline functions static'.

- hv_netvsc: Revert 'report vmbus name in ethtool'.

- hv_netvsc: add ethtool statistics for tx packet issues.

- hv_netvsc: count multicast packets received.

- hv_netvsc: dev hold/put reference to VF.

- hv_netvsc: fix a race between netvsc_send() and

- hv_netvsc: fix comments.

- hv_netvsc: fix rtnl locking in callback.

- hv_netvsc: improve VF device matching.

- hv_netvsc: init completion during alloc.

- hv_netvsc: make RSS hash key static.

- hv_netvsc: make device_remove void.

- hv_netvsc: make inline functions static.

- hv_netvsc: make netvsc_destroy_buf void.

- hv_netvsc: make variable local.

- hv_netvsc: rearrange start_xmit.

- hv_netvsc: refactor completion function.

- hv_netvsc: remove VF in flight counters.

- hv_netvsc: remove excessive logging on MTU change.

- hv_netvsc: report vmbus name in ethtool.

- hv_netvsc: simplify callback event code.

- hv_netvsc: style cleanups.

- hv_netvsc: use ARRAY_SIZE() for NDIS versions.

- hv_netvsc: use RCU to protect vf_netdev.

- hv_netvsc: use consume_skb.

- hv_netvsc: use kcalloc.

- hyperv: Fix spelling of HV_UNKOWN.

- i2c: designware-baytrail: Disallow the CPU to enter C6
or C7 while holding the punit semaphore (bsc#1011913).

- i2c: designware: Implement support for SMBus block read
and write (bsc#1019351).

- i2c: designware: fix wrong Tx/Rx FIFO for ACPI

- i2c: xgene: Fix missing code of DTB support

- i40e: Be much more verbose about what we can and cannot
offload (bsc#985561).

- ibmveth: calculate gso_segs for large packets

- ibmveth: check return of skb_linearize in
ibmveth_start_xmit (bsc#1019148).

- ibmveth: consolidate kmalloc of array, memset 0 to
kcalloc (bsc#1019148).

- ibmveth: set correct gso_size and gso_type

- igb: Workaround for igb i210 firmware issue

- igb: add i211 to i210 PHY workaround (bsc#1009911).

- input: i8042: Trust firmware a bit more when probing on
X86 (bsc#1011660).

- intel_idle: Add KBL support (bsc#1016884).

- ip6_gre: fix ip6gre_err() invalid reads (CVE-2017-5897,

- ipc: msg, make msgrcv work with LONG_MIN (bnc#1005918).

- iwlwifi: Expose the default fallback ucode API to module
info (boo#1021082, boo#1023884).

- kgraft: iscsi-target: Do not block kGraft in iscsi_np
kthread (bsc#1010612).

- kgraft: xen: Do not block kGraft in xenbus kthread

- libnvdimm: pfn: fix align attribute (bsc#1023175).

- mailbox: xgene-slimpro: Fix wrong test for devm_kzalloc

- md linear: fix a race between linear_add() and
linear_congested() (bsc#1018446).

- md-cluster: convert the completion to wait queue.

- md-cluster: protect md_find_rdev_nr_rcu with rcu lock.

- md: ensure md devices are freed before module is
unloaded (bsc#1022304).

- md: fix refcount problem on mddev when stopping array

- misc: genwqe: ensure zero initialization.

- mm: do not loop on GFP_REPEAT high order requests if
there is no reclaim progress (bnc#1013000).

- mm: memcg: do not retry precharge charges (bnc#1022559).

- mm: page_alloc: fix check for NULL preferred_zone
(bnc#971975 VM performance -- page allocator).

- mm: page_alloc: fix fast-path race with cpuset update or
removal (bnc#971975 VM performance -- page allocator).

- mm: page_alloc: fix premature OOM when racing with
cpuset mems update (bnc#971975 VM performance -- page

- mm: page_alloc: keep pcp count and list contents in sync
if struct page is corrupted (bnc#971975 VM performance
-- page allocator).

- mm: page_alloc: move cpuset seqcount checking to
slowpath (bnc#971975 VM performance -- page allocator).

- mmc: sdhci-of-arasan: Remove no-hispd and no-cmd23
quirks for sdhci-arasan4.9a (bsc#1019351).

- mwifiex: add missing check for PCIe8997 chipset

- mwifiex: fix IBSS data path issue (bsc#1018813).

- mwifiex: fix PCIe register information for 8997 chipset

- net: af_iucv: do not use paged skbs for TX on
HiperSockets (bnc#1020945, LTC#150566).

- net: ethernet: apm: xgene: use phydev from struct
net_device (bsc#1019351).

- net: ethtool: Initialize buffer when querying device
channel settings (bsc#969479).

- net: hyperv: avoid uninitialized variable.

- net: implement netif_cond_dbg macro (bsc#1019168).

- net: remove useless memset's in drivers get_stats64

- net: xgene: avoid bogus maybe-uninitialized warning

- net: xgene: fix backward compatibility fix

- net: xgene: fix error handling during reset

- net: xgene: move xgene_cle_ptree_ewdn data off stack

- netvsc: Remove mistaken udp.h inclusion.

- netvsc: add rcu_read locking to netvsc callback.

- netvsc: fix checksum on UDP IPV6.

- netvsc: reduce maximum GSO size.

- nfit: fail DSMs that return non-zero status by default

- nfsv4: Cap the transport reconnection timer at 1/2 lease
period (bsc#1014410).

- nfsv4: Cleanup the setting of the nfs4 lease period

- nvdimm: kabi protect nd_cmd_out_size() (bsc#1023175).

- nvme: apply DELAY_BEFORE_CHK_RDY quirk at probe time too

- ocfs2: fix deadlock on mmapped page in
ocfs2_write_begin_nolock() (bnc#921494).

- pci: Add devm_request_pci_bus_resources() (bsc#1019351).

- pci: generic: Fix pci_remap_iospace() failure path

- pci: hv: Allocate physically contiguous hypercall params

- pci: hv: Fix hv_pci_remove() for hot-remove.

- pci: hv: Handle hv_pci_generic_compl() error case.

- pci: hv: Handle vmbus_sendpacket() failure in

- pci: hv: Make unnecessarily global IRQ masking functions

- pci: hv: Remove the unused 'wrk' in struct

- pci: hv: Use list_move_tail() instead of list_del() +

- pci: hv: Use pci_function_description in struct

- pci: hv: Use the correct buffer size in

- pci: hv: Use zero-length array in struct pci_packet.

- pci: include header file (bsc#964944).

- pci: xgene: Add local struct device pointers

- pci: xgene: Add register accessors (bsc#1019351).

- pci: xgene: Free bridge resource list on failure

- pci: xgene: Make explicitly non-modular (bsc#1019351).

- pci: xgene: Pass struct xgene_pcie_port to setup
functions (bsc#1019351).

- pci: xgene: Remove unused platform data (bsc#1019351).

- pci: xgene: Request host bridge window resources

- perf: xgene: Remove bogus IS_ERR() check (bsc#1019351).

- phy: xgene: rename 'enum phy_mode' to 'enum
xgene_phy_mode' (bsc#1019351).

- power: reset: xgene-reboot: Unmap region obtained by
of_iomap (bsc#1019351).

- powerpc: fadump: Fix the race in crash_fadump()

- qeth: check not more than 16 SBALEs on the completion
queue (bnc#1009718, LTC#148203).

- raid1: Fix a regression observed during the rebuilding
of degraded MDRAID VDs (bsc#1020048).

- raid1: ignore discard error (bsc#1017164).

- reiserfs: fix race in prealloc discard (bsc#987576).

- rpm: Export a make-stderr.log
file (bsc#1012422)

- rpm: Fix installation of
/etc/uefi/certs (bsc#1019594)

- rtc: cmos: Clear ACPI-driven alarms upon resume

- rtc: cmos: Do not enable interrupts in the middle of the
interrupt handler (bsc#1022429).

- rtc: cmos: Restore alarm after resume (bsc#1022429).

- rtc: cmos: avoid unused function warning (bsc#1022429).

- s390: Fix invalid domain response handling

- s390: cpuinfo: show maximum thread id (bnc#1009718,

- s390: sysinfo: show partition extended name and UUID if
available (bnc#1009718, LTC#150160).

- s390: time: LPAR offset handling (bnc#1009718,

- s390: time: move PTFF definitions (bnc#1009718,

- sched: Allow hotplug notifiers to be setup early

- sched: Make wake_up_nohz_cpu() handle CPUs going offline

- sched: core, x86/topology: Fix NUMA in package topology
bug (bnc#1022476).

- sched: core: Fix incorrect utilization accounting when
switching to fair class (bnc#1022476).

- sched: core: Fix set_user_nice() (bnc#1022476).

- sched: cputime: Add steal time support to full dynticks
CPU time accounting (bnc#1022476).

- sched: cputime: Fix prev steal time accouting during CPU
hotplug (bnc#1022476).

- sched: deadline: Always calculate end of period on
sched_yield() (bnc#1022476).

- sched: deadline: Fix a bug in dl_overflow()

- sched: deadline: Fix lock pinning warning during CPU
hotplug (bnc#1022476).

- sched: deadline: Fix wrap-around in DL heap

- sched: fair: Avoid using decay_load_missed() with a
negative value (bnc#1022476).

- sched: fair: Fix fixed point arithmetic width for shares
and effective load (bnc#1022476).

- sched: fair: Fix load_above_capacity fixed point
arithmetic width (bnc#1022476).

- sched: fair: Fix min_vruntime tracking (bnc#1022476).

- sched: fair: Fix the wrong throttled clock time for
cfs_rq_clock_task() (bnc#1022476).

- sched: fair: Improve PELT stuff some more (bnc#1022476).

- sched: rt, sched/dl: Do not push if task's scheduling
class was changed (bnc#1022476).

- sched: rt: Fix PI handling vs. sched_setscheduler()

- sched: rt: Kick RT bandwidth timer immediately on start
up (bnc#1022476).

- scsi: Add 'AIX VDASD' to blacklist (bsc#1006469).

- scsi: Modify HITACHI OPEN-V blacklist entry

- scsi: bfa: Increase requested firmware version to (bsc#1013273).

- scsi: storvsc: Payload buffer incorrectly sized for 32
bit kernels.

- scsi_dh_alua: uninitialized variable in alua_rtpg()

- sctp: avoid BUG_ON on sctp_wait_for_sndbuf
(CVE-2017-5986, bsc#1025235).

- sd: always scan VPD pages if thin provisioning is
enabled (bsc#1013792).

- serial: 8250: Integrate Fintek into 8250_base
(boo#1016979). Update config files to change
CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_FINTEK to boolean accordingly, too.
Also, the corresponding entry got removed from

- serial: 8250_fintek: fix the mismatched IRQ mode

- serial: Update metadata for serial fixes (bsc#1013001)

- ses: Fix SAS device detection in enclosure

- sfc: reduce severity of PIO buffer alloc failures

- sfc: refactor debug-or-warnings printks (bsc#1019168).

- sunrpc: Fix reconnection timeouts (bsc#1014410).

- sunrpc: Limit the reconnect backoff timer to the max RPC
message timeout (bsc#1014410).

- supported.conf: Support Marvell WiFi/BT SDIO and
pinctrl-cherrytrail (bsc#1018813)

- supported.conf: delete xilinx/ll_temac (bsc#1011602)

- target: add XCOPY target/segment desc sense codes

- target: bounds check XCOPY segment descriptor list

- target: bounds check XCOPY total descriptor list length

- target: check XCOPY segment descriptor CSCD IDs

- target: check for XCOPY parameter truncation

sense (bsc#991273).

- target: simplify XCOPY wwn->se_dev lookup helper

- target: support XCOPY requests without parameters


- target: use XCOPY segment descriptor CSCD IDs

- tools: hv: Enable network manager for bonding scripts on

- tools: hv: fix a compile warning in snprintf.

- tools: hv: kvp: configurable external scripts path.

- tools: hv: kvp: ensure kvp device fd is closed on exec.

- tools: hv: remove unnecessary header files and netlink
related code.

- tools: hv: remove unnecessary link flag.

- tty: n_hdlc, fix lockdep false positive (bnc#1015840).

- uvcvideo: uvc_scan_fallback() for webcams with broken
chain (bsc#1021474).

- vmbus: make sysfs names consistent with PCI.

- x86: MCE: Dump MCE to dmesg if no consumers

- x86: hyperv: Handle unknown NMIs on one CPU when

- xfs: don't allow di_size with high bit set

- xfs: exclude never-released buffers from buftarg I/O
accounting (bsc#1024508).

- xfs: fix broken multi-fsb buffer logging (bsc#1024081).

- xfs: fix buffer overflow
dm_get_dirattrs/dm_get_dirattrs2 (bsc#989056).

- xfs: fix up xfs_swap_extent_forks inline extent handling

- xfs: track and serialize in-flight async buffers against
unmount (bsc#1024508).

- xfs: track and serialize in-flight async buffers against
unmount - kABI (bsc#1024508).

Note that Tenable Network Security has extracted the preceding
description block directly from the SUSE security advisory. Tenable
has attempted to automatically clean and format it as much as possible
without introducing additional issues.

See also :

Solution :

To install this SUSE Security Update use YaST online_update.
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product :

SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension 12-SP2:zypper in -t patch

SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 12-SP2:zypper in -t
patch SUSE-SLE-SDK-12-SP2-2017-300=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Raspberry Pi 12-SP2:zypper in -t
patch SUSE-SLE-RPI-12-SP2-2017-300=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP2:zypper in -t patch

SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching 12:zypper in -t patch

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 12-SP2:zypper in -t patch

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12-SP2:zypper in -t patch

OpenStack Cloud Magnum Orchestration 7:zypper in -t patch

To bring your system up-to-date, use 'zypper patch'.

Risk factor :

Critical / CVSS Base Score : 10.0
CVSS Temporal Score : 7.4
Public Exploit Available : false

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