openSUSE Security Update : MozillaFirefox (openSUSE-SU-2014:0448-1)

This script is Copyright (C) 2014-2016 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote openSUSE host is missing a security update.

Description :

Mozilla Firefox was updated to version 28.0, receiving enhancements,
bug and security fixes. Mozilla NSPR was updated to 4.10.4 receiving
enhancements, bug and security fixes. Mozilla NSS was updated to
3.15.5 receiving enhancements, bug and security fixes.

Changes in MozillaFirefox :

- update to Firefox 28.0 (bnc#868603)

- MFSA 2014-15/CVE-2014-1493/CVE-2014-1494 Miscellaneous
memory safety hazards

- MFSA 2014-17/CVE-2014-1497 (bmo#966311) Out of bounds
read during WAV file decoding

- MFSA 2014-18/CVE-2014-1498 (bmo#935618)
crypto.generateCRMFRequest does not validate type of key

- MFSA 2014-19/CVE-2014-1499 (bmo#961512) Spoofing attack
on WebRTC permission prompt

- MFSA 2014-20/CVE-2014-1500 (bmo#956524) onbeforeunload
and JavaScript navigation DOS

- MFSA 2014-22/CVE-2014-1502 (bmo#972622) WebGL content
injection from one domain to rendering in another

- MFSA 2014-23/CVE-2014-1504 (bmo#911547) Content Security
Policy for data: documents not preserved by session

- MFSA 2014-26/CVE-2014-1508 (bmo#963198) Information
disclosure through polygon rendering in MathML

- MFSA 2014-27/CVE-2014-1509 (bmo#966021) Memory
corruption in Cairo during PDF font rendering

- MFSA 2014-28/CVE-2014-1505 (bmo#941887) SVG filters
information disclosure through feDisplacementMap

- MFSA 2014-29/CVE-2014-1510/CVE-2014-1511 (bmo#982906,
bmo#982909) Privilege escalation using
WebIDL-implemented APIs

- MFSA 2014-30/CVE-2014-1512 (bmo#982957) Use-after-free
in TypeObject

- MFSA 2014-31/CVE-2014-1513 (bmo#982974) Out-of-bounds
read/write through neutering ArrayBuffer objects

- MFSA 2014-32/CVE-2014-1514 (bmo#983344) Out-of-bounds
write through TypedArrayObject after neutering

- requires NSPR 4.10.3 and NSS 3.15.5

- new build dependency (and recommends) :

- libpulse

- JS math correctness issue (bmo#941381)

Changes in mozilla-nspr :

- update to version 4.10.4

- bmo#767759: Add support for new x32 abi

- bmo#844784: Thread data race in PR_EnterMonitor

- bmo#939786: data race
nsprpub/pr/src/pthreads/ptthread.c:137 _pt_root

- bmo#958796: Users of _beginthreadex that set a custom
stack size may not be getting the behavior they want

- bmo#963033: AArch64 support update for NSPR

- bmo#969061:	Incorrect end-of-list test when iterating
over a PRCList in prcountr.c and prtrace.c

- bmo#971152: IPv6 detection on linux depends on
availability of /proc/net/if_inet6

- update to version 4.10.3

- bmo#749849: ensure we'll free the thread-specific data

- bmo#941461: don't compile android with unaligned memory

- bmo#932398: Add PR_SyncMemMap, a portable version of

- bmo#952621: Fix a thread-unsafe access to lock->owner in

- bmo#957458: Fix several bugs in the lock rank checking

- bmo#936320: Use an alternative test for IPv6 support on
Linux to avoid opening a socket.

Changes in mozilla-nss :

- update to 3.15.5

- required for Firefox 28

- export FREEBL_LOWHASH to get the correct default headers
(bnc#865539) New functionality

- Added support for the TLS application layer protocol
negotiation (ALPN) extension. Two SSL socket options,
SSL_ENABLE_NPN and SSL_ENABLE_ALPN, can be used to
control whether NPN or ALPN (or both) should be used for
application layer protocol negotiation.

- Added the TLS padding extension. The extension type
value is 35655, which may change when an official
extension type value is assigned by IANA. NSS
automatically adds the padding extension to ClientHello
when necessary.

- Added a new macro CERT_LIST_TAIL, defined in certt.h,
for getting the tail of a CERTCertList. Notable Changes

- bmo#950129: Improve the OCSP fetching policy when
verifying OCSP responses

- bmo#949060: Validate the iov input argument (an array of
PRIOVec structures) of ssl_WriteV (called via
PR_Writev). Applications should still take care when
converting struct iov to PRIOVec because the iov_len
members of the two structures have different types
(size_t vs. int). size_t is unsigned and may be larger
than int.

See also :

Solution :

Update the affected MozillaFirefox packages.

Risk factor :

High / CVSS Base Score : 9.3
Public Exploit Available : true

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