openSUSE Security Update : chromium (openSUSE-SU-2013:0454-1)

This script is Copyright (C) 2014-2016 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote openSUSE host is missing a security update.

Description :

chromium was updated to version 27.0.1425 having both stability and
security fixes :

- Bug and stability fixes :

- Fixed crash after clicking through malware warning.
(Issue: 173986)

- Fixed broken command line to create extensions with
locale info (Issue: 176187)

- Hosted apps in Chrome will always be opened from app
launcher. (Issue: 176267)

- Added modal confirmation dialog to the enterprise
profile sign-in flow. (Issue: 171236)

- Fixed a crash with autofill. (Issues: 175454, 176576)

- Fixed issues with sign-in. (Issues: 175672, 175819,
175541, 176190)

- Fixed spurious profile shortcuts created with a
system-level install. (Issue: 177047)

- Fixed the background tab flashing with certain themes.
(Issue: 175426)

- Security Fixes: (bnc#804986)

- High CVE-2013-0879: Memory corruption with web audio

- High CVE-2013-0880: Use-after-free in database handling

- Medium CVE-2013-0881: Bad read in Matroska handling

- High CVE-2013-0882: Bad memory access with excessive SVG

- Medium CVE-2013-0883: Bad read in Skia.

- Low CVE-2013-0884: Inappropriate load of NaCl.

- Medium CVE-2013-0885: Too many API permissions granted
to web store

- Medium CVE-2013-0886: Incorrect NaCl signal handling.

- Low CVE-2013-0887: Developer tools process has too many
permissions and places too much trust in the connected

- Medium CVE-2013-0888: Out-of-bounds read in Skia

- Low CVE-2013-0889: Tighten user gesture check for
dangerous file downloads.

- High CVE-2013-0890: Memory safety issues across the IPC

- High CVE-2013-0891: Integer overflow in blob handling.

- Medium CVE-2013-0892: Lower severity issues across the
IPC layer

- Medium CVE-2013-0893: Race condition in media handling.

- High CVE-2013-0894: Buffer overflow in vorbis decoding.

- High CVE-2013-0895: Incorrect path handling in file

- High CVE-2013-0896: Memory management issues in plug-in
message handling

- Low CVE-2013-0897: Off-by-one read in PDF

- High CVE-2013-0898: Use-after-free in URL handling

- Low CVE-2013-0899: Integer overflow in Opus handling

- Medium CVE-2013-0900: Race condition in ICU

- Make adjustment for autodetecting of the PepperFlash
library. The package with the PepperFlash hopefully will
be soon available through packman

- Update to 26.0.1411

- Bug and stability fixes

- Update to 26.0.1403

- Bug and stability fixes

- Using system libxml2 requires system libxslt.

- Using system MESA does not work in i586 for some reason.

- Also use system MESA, factory version seems adecuate

- Always use system libxml2.

- Restrict the usage of system libraries instead of the
bundled ones to new products, too much hassle otherwise.

- Also link kerberos and libgps directly, do not dlopen

- Avoid using dlopen on system libraries, rpm or the
package Manager do not handle this at all. tested for a
few weeks and implemented with a macro so it can be
easily disabled if problems arise.

- Use SOME system libraries instead of the bundled ones,
tested for several weeks and implemented with a macro
for easy enable/Disable in case of trouble.

- Update to 26.0.1393

- Bug and stability fixes

- Security fixes

- Update to 26.0.1375

- Bug and stability fixes

- Update to 26.0.1371

- Bug and stability fixes

- Update to 26.0.1367

- Bug and stability fixes

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Solution :

Update the affected chromium packages.

Risk factor :

High / CVSS Base Score : 7.5
CVSS Temporal Score : 5.5
Public Exploit Available : false