openSUSE Security Update : firefox / seamonkey / thunderbird (openSUSE-SU-2013:0149-1)

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Synopsis :

The remote openSUSE host is missing a security update.

Description :

The Mozilla January 8th 2013 security release contains updates :

Mozilla Firefox was updated to version 18.0. Mozilla SeaMonkey was
updated to version 2.15. Mozilla Thunderbird was updated to version
17.0.2. Mozilla XULRunner was updated to version 17.0.2.

- MFSA 2013-01/CVE-2013-0749/CVE-2013-0769/CVE-2013-0770
Miscellaneous memory safety hazards

Use-after-free and buffer overflow issues found using
Address Sanitizer

- MFSA 2013-03/CVE-2013-0768 (bmo#815795) Buffer Overflow
in Canvas

- MFSA 2013-04/CVE-2012-0759 (bmo#802026) URL spoofing in
addressbar during page loads

- MFSA 2013-05/CVE-2013-0744 (bmo#814713) Use-after-free
when displaying table with many columns and column

- MFSA 2013-06/CVE-2013-0751 (bmo#790454) Touch events are
shared across iframes

- MFSA 2013-07/CVE-2013-0764 (bmo#804237) Crash due to
handling of SSL on threads

- MFSA 2013-08/CVE-2013-0745 (bmo#794158)
AutoWrapperChanger fails to keep objects alive during
garbage collection

- MFSA 2013-09/CVE-2013-0746 (bmo#816842) Compartment
mismatch with quickstubs returned values

- MFSA 2013-10/CVE-2013-0747 (bmo#733305) Event
manipulation in plugin handler to bypass same-origin

- MFSA 2013-11/CVE-2013-0748 (bmo#806031) Address space
layout leaked in XBL objects

- MFSA 2013-12/CVE-2013-0750 (bmo#805121) Buffer overflow
in JavaScript string concatenation

- MFSA 2013-13/CVE-2013-0752 (bmo#805024) Memory
corruption in XBL with XML bindings containing SVG

- MFSA 2013-14/CVE-2013-0757 (bmo#813901) Chrome Object
Wrapper (COW) bypass through changing prototype

- MFSA 2013-15/CVE-2013-0758 (bmo#813906) Privilege
escalation through plugin objects

- MFSA 2013-16/CVE-2013-0753 (bmo#814001) Use-after-free
in serializeToStream

- MFSA 2013-17/CVE-2013-0754 (bmo#814026) Use-after-free
in ListenerManager

- MFSA 2013-18/CVE-2013-0755 (bmo#814027) Use-after-free
in Vibrate

- MFSA 2013-19/CVE-2013-0756 (bmo#814029) Use-after-free
in JavaScript Proxy objects

Mozilla NSPR was updated to 4.9.4, containing some small bugfixes and
new features.

Mozilla NSS was updated to 3.14.1 containing various new features,
security fix and bugfixes :

- MFSA 2013-20/CVE-2013-0743 (bmo#825022, bnc#796628)
revoke mis-issued intermediate certificates from

Cryptographic changes done :

- Support for TLS 1.1 (RFC 4346)

- Experimental support for DTLS 1.0 (RFC 4347) and

- Support for AES-CTR, AES-CTS, and AES-GCM

- Support for Keying Material Exporters for TLS (RFC 5705)

- Support for certificate signatures using the MD5 hash
algorithm is now disabled by default

- The NSS license has changed to MPL 2.0. Previous
releases were released under a MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1
tri-license. For more information about MPL 2.0, please
see For an
additional explanation on GPL/LGPL compatibility, see
security/nss/COPYING in the source code.

- Export and DES cipher suites are disabled by default.
Non-ECC AES and Triple DES cipher suites are enabled by

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Solution :

Update the affected firefox / seamonkey / thunderbird packages.

Risk factor :

Critical / CVSS Base Score : 10.0
Public Exploit Available : true