openSUSE Security Update : kernel (openSUSE-SU-2013:1971-1)

This script is Copyright (C) 2014 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote openSUSE host is missing a security update.

Description :

The Linux Kernel was updated to fix various security issues and bugs.

- sctp: Use correct sideffect command in duplicate cookie
handling (bnc#826102, CVE-2013-2206).

- Drivers: hv: util: Fix a bug in util version negotiation
code (bnc#838346).

- vmxnet3: prevent div-by-zero panic when ring resizing
uninitialized dev (bnc#833321).

- md/raid1,5,10: Disable WRITE SAME until a recovery
strategy is in place (bnc#813889).

- netback: don't disconnect frontend when seeing oversize
packet (bnc#823342).

- netfront: reduce gso_max_size to account for max TCP

- netfront: fix kABI after 'reduce gso_max_size to account
for max TCP header'.

- backends: Check for insane amounts of requests on the

- Refresh other Xen patches (bnc#804198, bnc#814211,

- Fix TLB gather virtual address range invalidation corner
cases (TLB gather memory corruption).

- mm: fix the TLB range flushed when __tlb_remove_page()
runs out of slots (TLB gather memory corruption).

- bnx2x: protect different statistics flows (bnc#814336).

- Drivers: hv: util: Fix a bug in version negotiation code
for util services (bnc#828714).

- kabi/severities: Ignore changes in drivers/hv

- e1000e: workaround DMA unit hang on I218 (bnc#834647).

- e1000e: unexpected 'Reset adapter' message when cable
pulled (bnc#834647).

- e1000e: 82577: workaround for link drop issue

- e1000e: helper functions for accessing EMI registers

- atl1c: Fix misuse of netdev_alloc_skb in refilling rx
ring (bnc#812116).

- reiserfs: Fixed double unlock in reiserfs_setattr
failure path.

- reiserfs: locking, release lock around quota operations

- reiserfs: locking, handle nested locks properly

- reiserfs: locking, push write lock out of xattr code

- af_key: fix info leaks in notify messages (bnc#827749

- af_key: initialize satype in key_notify_policy_flush()
(bnc#828119 CVE-2013-2237).

- kernel/signal.c: stop info leak via the tkill and the
tgkill syscalls (bnc#823267 CVE-2013-2141).

- b43: stop format string leaking into error msgs
(bnc#822579 CVE-2013-2852).

- net: fix incorrect credentials passing (bnc#816708

- tipc: fix info leaks via msg_name in
recv_msg/recv_stream (bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3235).

- rose: fix info leak via msg_name in rose_recvmsg()
(bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3234).

- NFC: llcp: fix info leaks via msg_name in
llcp_sock_recvmsg() (bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3233).

- netrom: fix info leak via msg_name in nr_recvmsg()
(bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3232).

- llc: Fix missing msg_namelen update in llc_ui_recvmsg()
(bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3231).

- l2tp: fix info leak in l2tp_ip6_recvmsg() (bnc#816668

- iucv: Fix missing msg_namelen update in
iucv_sock_recvmsg() (bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3229).

- irda: Fix missing msg_namelen update in
irda_recvmsg_dgram() (bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3228).

- caif: Fix missing msg_namelen update in
caif_seqpkt_recvmsg() (bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3227).

- Bluetooth: RFCOMM - Fix missing msg_namelen update in
rfcomm_sock_recvmsg() (bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3226).

- Bluetooth: fix possible info leak in bt_sock_recvmsg()
(bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3224).

- ax25: fix info leak via msg_name in ax25_recvmsg()
(bnc#816668 CVE-2013-3223).

- atm: update msg_namelen in vcc_recvmsg() (bnc#816668

- ipv6: call udp_push_pending_frames when uncorking a
socket with (bnc#831058, CVE-2013-4162).

- tracing: Fix possible NULL pointer dereferences
(bnc#815256 CVE-2013-3301).

- tg3: fix length overflow in VPD firmware parsing
(bnc#813733 CVE-2013-1929).

- dcbnl: fix various netlink info leaks (bnc#810473

- rtnl: fix info leak on RTM_GETLINK request for VF
devices (bnc#810473 CVE-2013-2635).

- crypto: user - fix info leaks in report API (bnc#809906
CVE-2013-2546 CVE-2013-2547 CVE-2013-2548).

- kernel/signal.c: use __ARCH_HAS_SA_RESTORER instead of
SA_RESTORER (bnc#808827 CVE-2013-0914).

- signal: always clear sa_restorer on execve (bnc#808827

- signal: Define __ARCH_HAS_SA_RESTORER so we know whether
to clear sa_restorer (bnc#808827 CVE-2013-0914).

- ipv6: ip6_sk_dst_check() must not assume ipv6 dst
(bnc#827750, CVE-2013-2232).

- xfs: fix _xfs_buf_find oops on blocks beyond the
filesystem end (CVE-2013-1819 bnc#807471).

- blk: avoid divide-by-zero with zero discard granularity

- dlm: check the write size from user (bnc#831956).

- drm/i915: Serialize almost all register access

- drm/i915: initialize gt_lock early with other spin locks

- drm/i915: fix up gt init sequence fallout (bnc#801341).

- drm/nouveau/hwmon: s/fan0/fan1/.

- Drivers: hv: balloon: Do not post pressure status if
interrupted (bnc#829539).

- drm/i915: Clear FORCEWAKE when taking over from BIOS

- drm/i915: Apply alignment restrictions on scanout
surfaces for VT-d (bnc#818561).

- fs/notify/inode_mark.c: make
fsnotify_find_inode_mark_locked() static (bnc#807188).

- fsnotify: change locking order (bnc#807188).

- fsnotify: dont put marks on temporary list when clearing
marks by group (bnc#807188).

- fsnotify: introduce locked versions of
fsnotify_add_mark() and fsnotify_remove_mark()

- fsnotify: pass group to fsnotify_destroy_mark()

- fsnotify: use a mutex instead of a spinlock to protect a
groups mark list (bnc#807188).

- fanotify: add an extra flag to mark_remove_from_mask
that indicates wheather a mark should be destroyed

- fsnotify: take groups mark_lock before mark lock

- fsnotify: use reference counting for groups

- fsnotify: introduce fsnotify_get_group() (bnc#807188).

- inotify, fanotify: replace fsnotify_put_group() with
fsnotify_destroy_group() (bnc#807188).

- drm/i915: fix long-standing SNB regression in power
consumption after resume v2 (bnc#801341).

- drm/nouveau: use vmalloc for pgt allocation

- USB: xhci: correctly enable interrupts (bnc#828191).

- drm/i915: Resurrect ring kicking for semaphores,
selectively (bnc#823633,bnc#799516).

- ALSA: usb-audio: Fix invalid volume resolution for
Logitech HD Webcam c310 (bnc#821735).

- ALSA: usb-audio - Fix invalid volume resolution on
Logitech HD webcam c270 (bnc#821735).

- config: sync up config options added with btrfs update

- xfs: xfs: fallback to vmalloc for large buffers in
xfs_compat_attrlist_by_handle (bnc#818053 bnc#807153).

- xfs: fallback to vmalloc for large buffers in
xfs_attrlist_by_handle (bnc#818053 bnc#807153).

- btrfs: update to v3.10.

- block: Add bio_end_sector().

- block: Use bio_sectors() more consistently.

- btrfs: handle lookup errors after subvol/snapshot

- btrfs: add new ioctl to determine size of compressed
file (FATE#306586).

- btrfs: reduce btrfs_path size (FATE#306586).

- btrfs: simplify move_pages and copy_pages (FATE#306586).

- Prefix mount messages with btrfs: for clarity

- Btrfs: forced readonly when free_log_tree fails

- Btrfs: forced readonly when orphan_del fails

- btrfs: abort unlink trans in missed error case.

- btrfs: access superblock via pagecache in

- Btrfs: account for orphan inodes properly during

- Btrfs: add a comment for fs_info->max_inline.

- Btrfs: add a incompatible format change for smaller
metadata extent refs.

- Btrfs: Add a new ioctl to get the label of a mounted
file system.

- Btrfs: add a plugging callback to raid56 writes.

- Btrfs: add a rb_tree to improve performance of ulist

- Btrfs: Add a stripe cache to raid56.

- Btrfs: Add ACCESS_ONCE() to transaction->abort accesses.

- Btrfs: add all ioctl checks before user change for quota

- Btrfs: add btrfs_scratch_superblock() function.

- btrfs: add cancellation points to defrag.

- Btrfs: add code to scrub to copy read data to another

- btrfs: add debug check for extent_io range alignment.

- Btrfs: add fiemap's flag check.

- Btrfs: add ioctl to wait for qgroup rescan completion.

- btrfs: add missing break in btrfs_print_leaf().

- Btrfs: add new sources for device replace code.

- btrfs: add 'no file data' flag to btrfs send ioctl.

- Btrfs: add orphan before truncating pagecache.

- Btrfs: add path->really_keep_locks.

- btrfs: add prefix to sanity tests messages.

- Btrfs: add rw argument to merge_bio_hook().

- Btrfs: add some free space cache tests.

- Btrfs: add some missing iput()'s in

- Btrfs: add support for device replace ioctls.

- Btrfs: add tree block level sanity check.

- Btrfs: add two more find_device() methods.

- Btrfs: allocate new chunks if the space is not enough
for global rsv.

- Btrfs: allow file data clone within a file.

- Btrfs: allow for selecting only completely empty chunks.

- Btrfs: allow omitting stream header and end-cmd for
btrfs send.

- Btrfs: allow repair code to include target disk when
searching mirrors.

- Btrfs: allow running defrag in parallel to
administrative tasks.

- Btrfs: allow superblock mismatch from older mkfs.

- btrfs: annotate intentional switch case fallthroughs.

- btrfs: annotate quota tree for lockdep.

- Btrfs: automatic rescan after 'quota enable' command.

- Btrfs: avoid deadlock on transaction waiting list.

- Btrfs: avoid double free of fs_info->qgroup_ulist.

- Btrfs: avoid risk of a deadlock in btrfs_handle_error.

- Btrfs: bring back balance pause/resume logic.

- Btrfs: build up error handling for merge_reloc_roots.

- Btrfs: change core code of btrfs to support the device
replace operations.

- Btrfs: changes to live filesystem are also written to
replacement disk.

- Btrfs: Check CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH for

- Btrfs: check for actual acls rather than just xattrs
when caching no acl.

- Btrfs: check for NULL pointer in updating reloc roots.

- Btrfs: check if leaf's parent exists before pushing
items around.

- Btrfs: check if we can nocow if we don't have data

- Btrfs: check return value of commit when recovering log.

- Btrfs: check the return value of

- Btrfs: check the return value of

- btrfs: clean snapshots one by one.

- btrfs: clean up transaction abort messages.

- Btrfs: cleanup backref search commit root flag stuff.

- Btrfs: cleanup, btrfs_read_fs_root_no_name() doesn't
return NULL.

- Btrfs: cleanup destroy_marked_extents.

- Btrfs: cleanup: don't check the same thing twice.

- Btrfs: cleanup duplicated division functions.

- Btrfs: cleanup for btrfs_btree_balance_dirty.

- Btrfs: cleanup for btrfs_wait_order_range.

- btrfs: cleanup for open-coded alignment.

- Btrfs: cleanup fs roots if we fail to mount.

- Btrfs: cleanup of function where btrfs_extend_item() is

- Btrfs: cleanup of function where fixup_low_keys() is

- Btrfs: cleanup orphan reservation if truncate fails.

- Btrfs: cleanup orphaned root orphan item.

- Btrfs: cleanup redundant code in btrfs_submit_direct().

- Btrfs: cleanup scrub bio and worker wait code.

- Btrfs: cleanup similar code in delayed inode.

- btrfs: Cleanup some redundant codes in

- btrfs: Cleanup some redundant codes in

- Btrfs: cleanup the code of copy_nocow_pages_for_inode().

- Btrfs: cleanup the similar code of the fs root read.

- Btrfs: cleanup to make the function
btrfs_delalloc_reserve_metadata more logic.

- Btrfs: cleanup to remove reduplicate code in

- Btrfs: cleanup unnecessary assignment when cleaning up
all the residual transaction.

- Btrfs: cleanup unnecessary clear when freeing a
transaction or a trans handle.

- Btrfs: cleanup unused arguments.

- Btrfs: cleanup unused arguments in send.c.

- Btrfs: cleanup unused arguments of btrfs_csum_data.

- Btrfs: cleanup unused function.

- Btrfs: clear received_uuid field for new writable

- Btrfs: Cocci spatch 'memdup.spatch'.

- Btrfs: Cocci spatch 'ptr_ret.spatch'.

- Btrfs: compare relevant parts of delayed tree refs.

- Btrfs: copy everything if we've created an inline

- btrfs: cover more error codes in btrfs_decode_error.

- Btrfs: creating the subvolume qgroup automatically when
enabling quota.

- Btrfs: deal with bad mappings in btrfs_map_block.

- Btrfs: deal with errors in write_dev_supers.

- Btrfs: deal with free space cache errors while replaying

- btrfs: define BTRFS_MAGIC as a u64 value.

- Btrfs: delete inline extents when we find them during

- Btrfs: delete unused function.

- Btrfs: delete unused parameter to

- btrfs: deprecate subvolrootid mount option.

- btrfs: device delete to get errors from the kernel.

- Btrfs: disable qgroup id 0.

- Btrfs: disallow mutually exclusive admin operations from
user mode.

- Btrfs: disallow some operations on the device replace
target device.

- btrfs: do away with non-whole_page extent I/O.

- Btrfs: do delay iput in sync_fs.

- Btrfs: do not allow logged extents to be merged or

- Btrfs: do not BUG_ON in prepare_to_reloc.

- Btrfs: do not BUG_ON on aborted situation.

- Btrfs: do not call file_update_time in aio_write.

- Btrfs: do not change inode flags in rename.

- Btrfs: do not continue if out of memory happens.

- Btrfs: do not delete a subvolume which is in a R/O

- Btrfs: do not log extents when we only log new names.

- Btrfs: do not mark ems as prealloc if we are writing to

- Btrfs: do not merge logged extents if we've removed them
from the tree.

- Btrfs: do not overcommit if we don't have enough space
for global rsv.

- Btrfs: do not pin while under spin lock.

- Btrfs: do not warn_on io_ctl->cur in io_ctl_map_page.

- Btrfs: don't abort the current transaction if there is
no enough space for inode cache.

- Btrfs: don't add a NULL extended attribute.

- Btrfs: don't allow degraded mount if too many devices
are missing.

- Btrfs: don't allow device replace on RAID5/RAID6.

- Btrfs: don't auto defrag a file when doing directIO.

- Btrfs: don't bother copying if we're only logging the

- Btrfs: don't BUG_ON() in btrfs_num_copies.

- Btrfs: don't call btrfs_qgroup_free if just
btrfs_qgroup_reserve fails.

- Btrfs: don't call readahead hook until we have read the
entire eb.

- Btrfs: don't delete fs_roots until after we cleanup the

- Btrfs: don't drop path when printing out tree errors in

- Btrfs: don't flush the delalloc inodes in the while loop
if flushoncommit is set.

- Btrfs: don't force pages under writeback to finish when

- Btrfs: don't invoke btrfs_invalidate_inodes() in the
spin lock context.

- Btrfs: don't memset new tokens.

- Btrfs: don't NULL pointer deref on abort.

- Btrfs: don't panic if we're trying to drop too many

- Btrfs: don't re-enter when allocating a chunk.

- Btrfs: don't start a new transaction when starting sync.

- Btrfs: don't steal the reserved space from the global
reserve if their space type is different.

- btrfs: don't stop searching after encountering the wrong

- Btrfs: don't take inode delalloc mutex if we're a free
space inode.

- Btrfs: don't traverse the ordered operation list

- Btrfs: Don't trust the superblock label and simply
printk('%s') it.

- Btrfs: don't try and free ebs twice in log replay.

- btrfs: don't try to notify udev about missing devices.

- Btrfs: don't use global block reservation for inode
cache truncation.

- Btrfs: don't wait for all the writers circularly during
the transaction commit.

- Btrfs: don't wait on ordered extents if we have a trans

- Btrfs: dont do log_removal in insert_new_root.

- btrfs: Drop inode if inode root is NULL.

- Btrfs: eliminate a use-after-free in btrfs_balance().

- Btrfs: enforce min_bytes parameter during extent

- Btrfs: enhance btrfs structures for device replace

- btrfs: enhance superblock checks.

- btrfs: ensure we don't overrun devices_info in

- Btrfs: exclude logged extents before replying when we
are mixed.

- Btrfs: explicitly use global_block_rsv for quota_tree.

- Btrfs: extend the checksum item as much as possible.

- btrfs: fall back to global reservation when removing

- Btrfs: fill the global reserve when unpinning space.

- Btrfs: fix a bug of per-file nocow.

- Btrfs: fix a bug when llseek for delalloc bytes behind
prealloc extents.

- Btrfs: fix a build warning for an unused label.

- Btrfs: fix a deadlock in aborting transaction due to

- Btrfs: fix a double free on pending snapshots in error

- Btrfs: fix a mismerge in btrfs_balance().

- Btrfs: fix a regression in balance usage filter.

- Btrfs: fix a scrub regression in case of write errors.

- Btrfs: fix a warning when disabling quota.

- Btrfs: fix a warning when updating qgroup limit.

- Btrfs: fix accessing a freed tree root.

- Btrfs: fix accessing the root pointer in tree mod log

- Btrfs: fix all callers of read_tree_block.

- Btrfs: fix an while-loop of listxattr.

- Btrfs: fix autodefrag and umount lockup.

- Btrfs: fix backref walking race with tree deletions.

- Btrfs: fix bad extent logging.

- Btrfs: fix broken nocow after balance.

- btrfs: fix btrfs_cont_expand() freeing IS_ERR em.

- btrfs: fix btrfs_extend_item() comment.

- Btrfs: fix BUG() in scrub when first superblock reading
gives EIO.

- Btrfs: fix check on same raid type flag twice.

- Btrfs: fix chunk allocation error handling.

- Btrfs: fix cleaner thread not working with inode cache

- Btrfs: fix cluster alignment for mount -o ssd.

- btrfs: fix comment typos.

- Btrfs: fix confusing edquot happening case.

- Btrfs: fix crash in log replay with qgroups enabled.

- Btrfs: fix crash regarding to ulist_add_merge.

- Btrfs: fix deadlock due to unsubmitted.

- Btrfs: fix double free in the

- Btrfs: fix double free in the iterate_extent_inodes().

- Btrfs: fix EDQUOT handling in

- Btrfs: fix EIO from btrfs send in is_extent_unchanged
for punched holes.

- Btrfs: fix error handling in btrfs_ioctl_send().

- Btrfs: fix error handling in make/read block group.

- Btrfs: fix estale with btrfs send.

- Btrfs: fix extent logging with O_DIRECT into prealloc.

- Btrfs: fix freeing delayed ref head while still holding
its mutex.

- Btrfs: fix freeze vs auto defrag.

- Btrfs: fix hash overflow handling.

- Btrfs: fix how we discard outstanding ordered extents on

- Btrfs: fix infinite loop when we abort on mount.

- Btrfs: fix joining the same transaction handler more
than 2 times.

- Btrfs: fix lockdep warning.

- Btrfs: fix locking on ROOT_REPLACE operations in tree
mod log.

- Btrfs: fix lots of orphan inodes when the space is not

- Btrfs: fix max chunk size on raid5/6.

- Btrfs: fix memory leak in btrfs_create_tree().

- Btrfs: fix memory leak in name_cache_insert().

- Btrfs: fix memory leak of log roots.

- Btrfs: fix memory leak of pending_snapshot->inherit.

- Btrfs: fix memory patcher through fs_info->qgroup_ulist.

- btrfs: fix minor typo in comment.

- btrfs: fix misleading variable name for flags.

- Btrfs: fix missed transaction->aborted check.

- Btrfs: fix missing check about ulist_add() in qgroup.c.

- Btrfs: fix missing check before creating a qgroup

- Btrfs: fix missing check before disabling quota.

- Btrfs: fix missing check in the btrfs_qgroup_inherit().

- Btrfs: fix missing deleted items in

- Btrfs: fix missing flush when committing a transaction.

- Btrfs: fix missing i_size update.

- Btrfs: fix missing log when BTRFS_INODE_NEEDS_FULL_SYNC
is set.

- Btrfs: fix missing qgroup reservation before

- Btrfs: fix missing release of qgroup reservation in

- Btrfs: fix missing release of the space/qgroup
reservation in start_transaction().

- Btrfs: fix missing reserved space release in error path
of delalloc reservation.

- Btrfs: fix missing write access release in

- Btrfs: fix 'mutually exclusive op is running' error

- Btrfs: fix not being able to find skinny extents during

- Btrfs: fix NULL pointer after aborting a transaction.

- Btrfs: fix off-by-one error of the reserved size of

- Btrfs: fix off-by-one error of the same page check in

- Btrfs: fix off-by-one in fiemap.

- Btrfs: fix off-by-one in lseek.

- Btrfs: fix oops when recovering the file data by scrub

- Btrfs: fix panic when recovering tree log.

- Btrfs: fix permissions of empty files not affected by

- Btrfs: fix permissions of empty files not affected by

- Btrfs: fix possible infinite loop in slow caching.

- Btrfs: fix possible memory leak in replace_path().

- Btrfs: fix possible memory leak in the

- Btrfs: fix possible stale data exposure.

- Btrfs: Fix printk and variable name.

- Btrfs: fix qgroup rescan resume on mount.

- Btrfs: fix race between mmap writes and compression.

- Btrfs: fix race between snapshot deletion and getting

- Btrfs: fix race in check-integrity caused by usage of

- Btrfs: fix reada debug code compilation.

- Btrfs: fix remount vs autodefrag.

- Btrfs: fix repeated delalloc work allocation.

- Btrfs: fix resize a readonly device.

- Btrfs: fix several potential problems in

- Btrfs: fix space accounting for unlink and rename.

- Btrfs: fix space leak when we fail to reserve metadata

- btrfs: fix the code comments for LZO compression

- Btrfs: fix the comment typo for

- Btrfs: fix the deadlock between the transaction
start/attach and commit.

- Btrfs: fix the page that is beyond EOF.

- Btrfs: fix the qgroup reserved space is released

- Btrfs: fix the race between bio and btrfs_stop_workers.

- Btrfs: fix transaction throttling for delayed refs.

- Btrfs: fix tree mod log regression on root split

- Btrfs: fix trivial error in btrfs_ioctl_resize().

- Btrfs: Fix typo in fs/btrfs.

- Btrfs: fix unblocked autodefraggers when remount.

- Btrfs: fix unclosed transaction handler when the async
transaction commitment fails.

- Btrfs: fix uncompleted transaction.

- Btrfs: fix unlock after free on rewinded tree blocks.

- Btrfs: fix unlock order in btrfs_ioctl_resize.

- Btrfs: fix unlock order in btrfs_ioctl_rm_dev.

- Btrfs: fix unnecessary while loop when search the free
space, cache.

- Btrfs: fix unprotected defragable inode insertion.

- Btrfs: fix unprotected extent map operation when logging
file extents.

- Btrfs: fix unprotected root node of the subvolume's
inode rb-tree.

- Btrfs: fix use-after-free bug during umount.

- btrfs: fix varargs in __btrfs_std_error.

- Btrfs: fix warning of free_extent_map.

- Btrfs: fix warning when creating snapshots.

- Btrfs: fix wrong comment in can_overcommit().

- Btrfs: fix wrong file extent length.

- Btrfs: fix wrong handle at error path of
create_snapshot() when the commit fails.

- Btrfs: fix wrong max device number for single profile.

- Btrfs: fix wrong mirror number tuning.

- Btrfs: fix wrong outstanding_extents when doing DIO

- Btrfs: fix wrong reservation of csums.

- Btrfs: fix wrong reserved space in qgroup during
snap/subv creation.

- Btrfs: fix wrong reserved space when deleting a

- Btrfs: fix wrong return value of btrfs_lookup_csum().

- Btrfs: fix wrong return value of btrfs_truncate_page().

- Btrfs: fix wrong return value of

- Btrfs: fix wrong sync_writers decrement in

- btrfs: fixup/remove module.h usage as required.

- Btrfs: flush all dirty inodes if writeback can not

- Btrfs: free all recorded tree blocks on error.

- Btrfs: free csums when we're done scrubbing an extent.

- Btrfs: get better concurrency for snapshot-aware defrag

- Btrfs: get right arguments for btrfs_wait_ordered_range.

- btrfs: get the device in write mode when deleting it.

- Btrfs: get write access for qgroup operations.

- Btrfs: get write access for scrub.

- Btrfs: get write access when doing resize fs.

- Btrfs: get write access when removing a device.

- Btrfs: get write access when setting the default

- Btrfs: handle a bogus chunk tree nicely.

- Btrfs: handle errors from btrfs_map_bio() everywhere.

- Btrfs: handle errors in compression submission path.

- btrfs: handle errors returned from get_tree_block_key.

- btrfs: handle null fs_info in btrfs_panic().

- Btrfs: handle running extent ops with skinny metadata.

- Btrfs: hold the ordered operations mutex when waiting on
ordered extents.

- Btrfs: hold the tree mod lock in __tree_mod_log_rewind.

- Btrfs: if we aren't committing just end the transaction
if we error out.

- btrfs: ignore device open failures in

- Btrfs: ignore orphan qgroup relations.

- Btrfs: implement unlocked dio write.

- Btrfs: improve the delayed inode throttling.

- Btrfs: improve the loop of scrub_stripe.

- Btrfs: improve the noflush reservation.

- Btrfs: improve the performance of the csums lookup.

- Btrfs: in scrub repair code, optimize the reading of

- Btrfs: in scrub repair code, simplify alloc error

- Btrfs: Include the device in most error printk()s.

- Btrfs: increase BTRFS_MAX_MIRRORS by one for dev

- btrfs: Init io_lock after cloning btrfs device struct.

- Btrfs: init relocate extent_io_tree with a mapping.

- Btrfs: inline csums if we're fsyncing.

- Btrfs: introduce a btrfs_dev_replace_item type.

- Btrfs: introduce a mutex lock for btrfs quota

- Btrfs: introduce GET_READ_MIRRORS functionality for

- Btrfs: introduce grab/put functions for the root of the
fs/file tree.

- Btrfs: introduce per-subvolume delalloc inode list.

- Btrfs: introduce per-subvolume ordered extent list.

- Btrfs: introduce qgroup_ulist to avoid frequently
allocating/freeing ulist.

- Btrfs: just flush the delalloc inodes in the source tree
before snapshot creation.

- Btrfs: keep track of the extents original block length.

- Btrfs: kill replicate code in replay_one_buffer.

- Btrfs: kill some BUG_ONs() in the find_parent_nodes().

- Btrfs: kill unnecessary arguments in del_ptr.

- Btrfs: kill unused argument of

- Btrfs: kill unused argument of update_block_group.

- Btrfs: kill unused arguments of cache_block_group.

- Btrfs: let allocation start from the right raid type.

- btrfs: limit fallocate extent reservation to 256MB.

- Btrfs: limit the global reserve to 512mb.

- btrfs: list_entry can't return NULL.

- Btrfs: log changed inodes based on the extent map tree.

- Btrfs: log ram bytes properly.

- Btrfs: make __merge_refs() return type be void.

- Btrfs: make backref walking code handle skinny metadata.

- Btrfs: make delalloc inodes be flushed by multi-task.

- Btrfs: make delayed ref lock logic more readable.

- Btrfs: make ordered extent be flushed by multi-task.

- Btrfs: make ordered operations be handled by multi-task.

- btrfs: make orphan cleanup less verbose.

- Btrfs: make raid attr array more readable.

- btrfs: make static code static & remove dead code.

- btrfs: make subvol creation/deletion killable in the
early stages.

- Btrfs: make sure nbytes are right after log replay.

- Btrfs: make sure NODATACOW also gets NODATASUM set.

- Btrfs: make sure roots are assigned before freeing their

- Btrfs: make the chunk allocator completely tree

- Btrfs: make the cleaner complete early when the fs is
going to be umounted.

- Btrfs: make the scrub page array dynamically allocated.

- Btrfs: make the snap/subv deletion end more early when
the fs is R/O.

- Btrfs: make the state of the transaction more readable.

- Btrfs: merge inode_list in __merge_refs.

- Btrfs: merge pending IO for tree log write back.

- btrfs: merge save_error_info helpers into one.

node's nritems.

- btrfs: more open-coded file_inode().

- Btrfs: move btrfs_truncate_page to btrfs_cont_expand
instead of btrfs_truncate.

- Btrfs: move checks in set_page_dirty under DEBUG.

- Btrfs: move d_instantiate outside the transaction during

- Btrfs: move fs/btrfs/ioctl.h to

- btrfs: move ifdef around sanity checks out of

- btrfs: move leak debug code to functions.

- Btrfs: move some common code into a subfunction.

- Btrfs: move the R/O check out of

- btrfs: Notify udev when removing device.

- Btrfs: only clear dirty on the buffer if it is marked as

- Btrfs: only do the tree_mod_log_free_eb if this is our
last ref.

- Btrfs: only exclude supers in the range of our block

- Btrfs: only log the inode item if we can get away with

- Btrfs: only unlock and relock if we have to.

- Btrfs: optimize leaf_space_used.

- Btrfs: optimize read_block_for_search.

- Btrfs: optimize reada_for_balance.

- Btrfs: optimize the error handle of use_block_rsv().

- Btrfs: optionally avoid reads from device replace source

- Btrfs: pass fs_info instead of root.

- Btrfs: pass fs_info to btrfs_map_block() instead of

- Btrfs: Pass fs_info to btrfs_num_copies() instead of

- Btrfs: pass NULL instead of 0.

- Btrfs: pass root object into btrfs_ioctl_{start,

- Btrfs: pause the space balance when remounting to R/O.

- Btrfs: place ordered operations on a per transaction

- Btrfs: prevent qgroup destroy when there are still

- Btrfs: protect devices list with its mutex.

- Btrfs: protect fs_info->alloc_start.

- Btrfs: punch hole past the end of the file.

- Btrfs: put csums on the right ordered extent.

- Btrfs: put our inode if orphan cleanup fails.

- Btrfs: put raid properties into global table.

- btrfs: put some enospc messages under enospc_debug.

- Btrfs: RAID5 and RAID6.

- btrfs/raid56: Add missing #include <linux/vmalloc.h>.

- btrfs: read entire device info under lock.

- Btrfs: recheck bio against block device when we map the

- Btrfs: record first logical byte in memory.

- Btrfs: reduce CPU contention while waiting for delayed
extent operations.

- Btrfs: reduce lock contention on extent buffer locks.

- Btrfs: refactor error handling to drop inode in

- Btrfs: relax the block group size limit for bitmaps.

- btrfs: remove a printk from scan_one_device.

- Btrfs: remove almost all of the BUG()'s from tree-log.c.

- Btrfs: remove btrfs_sector_sum structure.

- Btrfs: remove btrfs_try_spin_lock.

- Btrfs: remove BUG_ON() in btrfs_read_fs_tree_no_radix().

- btrfs: remove cache only arguments from defrag path.

- Btrfs: remove conflicting check for minimum number of
devices in raid56.

- Btrfs: remove deprecated comments.

- Btrfs: remove extent mapping if we fail to add chunk.

- Btrfs: remove reduplicate check about root in the
function btrfs_clean_quota_tree.

- Btrfs: remove some BUG_ONs() when walking backref tree.

- Btrfs: remove some unnecessary spin_lock usages.

- Btrfs: remove the block device pointer from the scrub
context struct.

- Btrfs: remove the code for the impossible case in

- Btrfs: Remove the invalid shrink size check up from

- Btrfs: remove the time check in

- btrfs: remove unnecessary cur_trans set before goto loop
in join_transaction.

- btrfs: remove unnecessary DEFINE_WAIT() declarations.

- Btrfs: remove unnecessary dget_parent/dput when creating
the pending snapshot.

- Btrfs: remove unnecessary ->s_umount in

- Btrfs: remove unnecessary varient ->num_joined in
btrfs_transaction structure.

- Btrfs: remove unused argument of btrfs_extend_item().

- Btrfs: remove unused argument of fixup_low_keys().

- Btrfs: remove unused code in btrfs_del_root.

- Btrfs: remove unused extent io tree ops V2.

- btrfs: remove unused fd in btrfs_ioctl_send().

- btrfs: remove unused fs_info from btrfs_decode_error().

- btrfs: remove unused gfp mask parameter from
release_extent_buffer callchain.

- btrfs: remove unused 'item' in

- Btrfs: remove unused variable in

- Btrfs: remove unused variable in the

- Btrfs: remove useless copy in quota_ctl.

- Btrfs: remove warn on in free space cache writeout.

- Btrfs: rename root_times_lock to root_item_lock.

- Btrfs: rename the scrub context structure.

- Btrfs: reorder locks and sanity checks in

- Btrfs: reorder tree mod log operations in deleting a

- Btrfs: rescan for qgroups.

- Btrfs: reset path lock state to zero.

- Btrfs: restructure btrfs_run_defrag_inodes().

- Btrfs: return as soon as possible when edquot happens.

- Btrfs: return EIO if we have extent tree corruption.

- Btrfs: return ENOMEM rather than use BUG_ON when
btrfs_alloc_path fails.

- Btrfs: return errno if possible when we fail to allocate

- Btrfs: return error code in

- Btrfs: return error when we specify wrong start to

- Btrfs: return free space in cow error path.

- Btrfs: rework the overcommit logic to be based on the
total size.

- Btrfs: save us a read_lock.

- Btrfs: select XOR_BLOCKS in Kconfig.

- Btrfs: separate sequence numbers for delayed ref
tracking and tree mod log.

- Btrfs: serialize unlocked dio reads with truncate.

- Btrfs: set/change the label of a mounted file system.

- Btrfs: set flushing if we're limited flushing.

- Btrfs: set hole punching time properly.

- Btrfs: set UUID in root_item for created trees.

- Btrfs: share stop worker code.

- btrfs: show compiled-in config features at module load

- Btrfs: simplify unlink reservations.

- Btrfs: skip adding an acl attribute if we don't have to.

- Btrfs: snapshot-aware defrag.

- Btrfs: split btrfs_qgroup_account_ref into four

- Btrfs: steal from global reserve if we are cleaning up

- Btrfs: stop all workers before cleaning up roots.

- Btrfs: stop using try_to_writeback_inodes_sb_nr to flush

- Btrfs: stop waiting on current trans if we aborted.

- Btrfs: traverse and flush the delalloc inodes once.

- btrfs: try harder to allocate raid56 stripe cache.

- Btrfs: unlock extent range on enospc in compressed

- btrfs: unpin_extent_cache: fix the typo and unnecessary

- Btrfs: unreserve space if our ordered extent fails to

- btrfs: update kconfig title.

- Btrfs: update the global reserve if it is empty.

- btrfs: update timestamps on truncate().

- Btrfs: update to use fs_state bit.

- Btrfs: use a btrfs bioset instead of abusing bio

- Btrfs: use a lock to protect incompat/compat flag of the
super block.

- Btrfs: use a percpu to keep track of possibly pinned

- Btrfs: use bit operation for ->fs_state.

- Btrfs: use common work instead of delayed work.

- Btrfs: use ctl->unit for free space calculation instead
of block_group->sectorsize.

- Btrfs: use existing align macros in btrfs_allocate().

- Btrfs: use helper to cleanup tree roots.

- btrfs: use only inline_pages from extent buffer.

- Btrfs: use percpu counter for dirty metadata count.

- Btrfs: use percpu counter for fs_info->delalloc_bytes.

- btrfs: use rcu_barrier() to wait for bdev puts at

- Btrfs: use REQ_META for all metadata IO.

- Btrfs: use reserved space for creating a snapshot.

- Btrfs: use right range to find checksum for compressed

- Btrfs: use seqlock to protect fs_info->avail_{data,
metadata, system}_alloc_bits.

- Btrfs: use set_nlink if our i_nlink is 0.

- Btrfs: use slabs for auto defrag allocation.

- Btrfs: use slabs for delayed reference allocation.

- Btrfs: use the inode own lock to protect its

- Btrfs: use token to avoid times mapping extent buffer.

- Btrfs: use tokens where we can in the tree log.

- Btrfs: use tree_root to avoid edquot when disabling

- btrfs: use unsigned long type for extent state bits.

- Btrfs: use wrapper page_offset.

- Btrfs: various abort cleanups.

- Btrfs: wait on ordered extents at the last possible

- Btrfs: wait ordered range before doing direct io.

- Btrfs: wake up delayed ref flushing waiters on abort.

- clear chunk_alloc flag on retryable failure.

- Correct allowed raid levels on balance.

- Fix misspellings of 'whether' in comments.

- fs/btrfs: drop if around WARN_ON.

- fs/btrfs: remove depends on CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL.

- fs/btrfs: use WARN.

- Minor format cleanup.

- new helper: file_inode(file).

- Revert 'Btrfs: fix permissions of empty files not
affected by umask'.

change node's nritems'.

- Revert 'Btrfs: reorder tree mod log operations in
deleting a pointer'.

- treewide: Fix typo in printk.

- writeback: remove nr_pages_dirtied arg from

- drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c: use kzalloc() for failing
hardware (bnc#824295, CVE-2013-2164).

- fanotify: info leak in copy_event_to_user()
(CVE-2013-2148 bnc#823517).

- block: do not pass disk names as format strings
(bnc#822575 CVE-2013-2851).

- libceph: Fix NULL pointer dereference in auth client
code. (CVE-2013-1059, bnc#826350)

- Update
dongle-rev-2.patch (bnc#811882).

- Update
ma-U3100Mini-Pl.patch (bnc#811882).

- Update
-T-Dongle.patch (bnc#811882).

- Update
mes.patch (bnc#811882).

- Update
D.patch (bnc#811882).

- Update
-VideoMate-U620.patch (bnc#811882).

- Update
a-HU394-T.patch (bnc#811882). Correct the bnc reference.

- Update
er-of-2.patch (bnc#823797).

- block: discard granularity might not be power of 2.

- USB: reset resume quirk needed by a hub (bnc#810144).

- NFS: Fix keytabless mounts (bnc#817651).

- ipv4: fix redirect handling for TCP packets

- Always include the git commit in KOTD builds This allows
us not to set it explicitly in builds submitted to the
official distribution (bnc#821612, bnc#824171).

- Btrfs: relocate csums properly with prealloc extents.

- gcc4: disable __compiletime_object_size for GCC 4.6+

&#9; - ALSA: hda - Add Toshiba Satellite C870 to MSI blacklist

See also :

Solution :

Update the affected kernel packages.

Risk factor :

High / CVSS Base Score : 7.8
CVSS Temporal Score : 6.8
Public Exploit Available : false