SecurityCenter Editions

Which SecurityCenter Edition is right for you?

SecurityCenter editions offer flexibility in selecting the functions and capabilities that make the most sense for your networking, security, and compliance requirements.

SecurityCenter SecurityCenter Continuous View
Unlimited active scanners with Nessus
Industry's largest vulnerability database, with plugins updated daily
Extensive compliance reporting and auditing
Granular, customizable dashboards and reports updated via live feed
Supports IPv6 address space
Integrates with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Patch Management Systems
Third-party security and threat intelligence
Detects, classifies, and scans mobile devices ✓ (via Nessus) ✓ (continuous)
Real-time botnet and advanced malware detection. Performs attack paths analysis. ✓ (via Nessus) ✓ (continuous)
Discovers 100% of IT assets for vulnerability assessment  
Continuous, real-time vulnerability analysis through patented passive monitoring  
Performs database monitoring and detects encrypted communications  
Real-time detection and analysis of mobile, virtual systems, and cloud-services  
Detects network anomalies and performs event correlation  
Collects, stores, compresses, and correlates logs from thousands of network devices and applications  
Aggregates and normalizes data from FWs, IDS/IPS, and DLP solutions, raw network traffic, NetFlow, application logs, user activity, etc.