DB2 9.5 < Fix Pack 6a Multiple Vulnerabilities

This script is Copyright (C) 2010-2014 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote database server is affected by multiple issues.

Description :

According to its version, the installation of DB2 9.5 on the remote
host is older than 9.5 Fix Pack 6. Such versions are affected by one
or more of the following issues :

- The Install component on Linux, UNIX, and Windows
enforces an unintended limit on password length, which
makes it easier for attackers to obtain access via a
brute-force attack. (IC62856)

- The Security component logs AUDIT events by using a
USERID and an AUTHID value corresponding to the instance
owner, instead of a USERID and an AUTHID value
corresponding to the logged-in user account, which makes
it easier for remote, authenticated users to execute
Audit administration commands without discovery.

- A privilege escalation vulnerability exists in the
DB2STST program (on Linux and Unix platforms only).

- A malicious user could use the DB2DART program to
overwrite files owned by the instance owner. (IC65756)

- The scalar function REPEAT contains a buffer overflow
that a malicious user with a valid database connection
could manipulate, causing the DB2 server to trap.

- The Net Search Extender implementation in the Text
Search component does not properly handle an
alphanumeric Fuzzy search, which could allow a remote,
authenticated user to consume memory or even hang
the system via the 'db2ext.textSearch' function.

- Special group and user enumeration operation on the DB2
server or DB2 Administrator Server (DAS) could trap
when running on Windows 2008. (IC66642)

- A weakness in the SSL v3 / TLS protocol involving
session renegotiation may allow an attacker to inject
an arbitrary amount of plaintext into the beginning of
the application protocol stream, which could facilitate
man-in-the-middle attacks. (IC68054)

- A memory leak in the Relational Data Services component,
when the connection concentrator is enabled, allows
remote, authenticated users to cause a denial of service
(heap memory consumption) by using a different code page
than the database server. (IC68182)

- An unspecified remote buffer overflow vulnerability exists
in the DB2 administrative server. (IC70538)

- The 'MODIFIED SQL DATA' table function is not dropped
when a definer loses required privileges to maintain
the objects. (IZ46774)

- The DRDA Services component allows a remote,
authenticated user to cause the database server to
ABEND by using the client CLI on Linux, UNIX, or
Windows for executing a prepared statement with a large
number of parameter markers. (IZ56428)

- The 'Query Compiler, Rewrite, Optimizer' component
allows remote, authenticated users to cause a denial of
service (CPU consumption) via a crafted query involving
certain UNION ALL views, leading to an indefinitely
large amount of compilation time. (IZ58417)

- The Engine Utilities component uses world-writable
permissions for the 'sqllib/cfg/db2sprf' file, which
could allow a local user to gain privileges by modifying
this file. (IZ68463)

- The audit facility in the Security component uses
instance-level audit settings to capture CONNECT and
AUTHENTICATION events in certain circumstances in which
database-level audit settings were intended, which might
make it easier for remote attackers to connect without
discovery. (JR34218)

- A memory leak in the Relational Data Services component
allows remote, authenticated users to cause a denial of
service (heap memory consumption) by executing a user-
defined function (UDF) or stored procedure while using a
different code page than the database server. (LI75022)

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Solution :

Apply DB2 Version 9.5 Fix Pack 6a or later.

Risk factor :

Critical / CVSS Base Score : 10.0
CVSS Temporal Score : 7.4
Public Exploit Available : false