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Apple iOS < 9.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host is missing a critical Apple iOS patch update.


The remote host is running a version of iOS that is prior to version 9.1 and the following components contain vulnerabilities :

- Accelerate Framework (CVE-2015-5940) - Bom CVE-2015-7006) - CFNetwork (CVE-2015-7023) - configd (CVE-2015-7015) - CoreGraphics (CVE-2015-5925, CVE-2015-5926) - CoreText (CVE-2015-6975, CVE-2015-6992, CVE-2015-7017) - Disk Images (CVE-2015-6995) - FontParser (CVE-2015-5927, CVE-2015-5942, CVE-2015-6976, CVE-2015-6977, CVE-2015-6978, CVE-2015-6990, CVE-2015-6991, CVE-2015-6993, CVE-2015-7008, CVE-2015-7009, CVE-2015-7010, CVE-2015-7018) - GasGauge (CVE-2015-6979) - Grand Central Dispatch (CVE-2015-6989) - Graphics Driver (CVE-2015-6986) - ImageIO (CVE-2015-5935, CVE-2015-5936, CVE-2015-5937, CVE-2015-5939) - IOAcceleratorFamily (CVE-2015-6996) - IOHIDFamily (CVE-2015-6974) - Kernel (CVE-2015-7004, CVE-2015-6988, CVE-2015-6994) - Notification Center (CVE-2015-7000) - OpenGL (CVE-2015-5924) - Security (CVE-2015-6983, CVE-2015-6999, CVE-2015-6997) - Telephony (CVE-2015-7022) - WebKit (CVE-2015-5928, CVE-2015-5929, CVE-2015-5930, CVE-2015-6981, CVE-2015-6982, CVE-2015-7002, CVE-2015-7005, CVE-2015-7012, CVE-2015-7014)


Upgrade to Apple iOS 9.1 or later.