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Google Android Operating System < 4.4.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote device is affected by multiple vulnerabilities.


The Google Android operating system prior to 4.4.0 is affected by the following vulnerabilities:

- There is a flaw in the built-in browser that is due to the improper handling of NULL bytes by the URL parser. This may allow a context-dependent attacker to bypass the same-origin policy. (CVE-2014-6041) - There is a flaw related to the 'addJavascriptInterface()' method and the 'accessibility' and 'accessibilityTraversal' objects. With specially crafted JavaScript loaded within the WebView component, a remote attacker can execute arbitrary methods of Java objects i.e. achieve remote code execution. (CVE-2014-7224) - There is an overflow condition in the DHCP client daemon 'dhcp.c' that is triggered when handling DHCP options. With a specially crafted ACK packet response, a context-dependent attacker can execute arbitrary code. (CVE-2014-7912) - There is a flaw in the Bluetooth application stack that is triggered when handling Host Controller Interface commands prior to pairing. This may allow a remote attacker within short range of the device to force pairing and in turn execute arbitrary code. (CVE-2014-7914)


Upgrade to Google Android operating system version 4.4.0 or later if possible.