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Apache Subversion < 1.7.19 / 1.8.x < 1.8.11 Multiple DoS



The remote host is running a version of Apache Subversion that is affected by multiple denial of service (DoS) vulnerabilities.


Versions of Apache Subversion prior to 1.7.19, or 1.8.x prior to 1.8.11 are affected by the following vulnerabilities :

- When a resource is requested by 'mod_dav' that doesn't exist, 'mod_dav_svn' returns a NULL as the repository path. However, later when 'mod_dav' calls to handle the request, a SEGFAULT occurs, effectively crashing the service. (CVE-2014-3580) - A denial of service vulnerability affects the 'mod_dav_svn' module for the Apache HTTPD server. The problem occurs when handling a request for specially formatted URIs. The request would include a non-existent virtual transaction name, resulting in a NULL loop, effectively crashing the service. (CVE-2014-8108)


Upgrade to Apache Subversion 1.8.11 or later. If 1.8.x cannot be obtained, version 1.7.19 is also patched for these vulnerabilities.