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Safari < 6.1.4 / 7.0.4 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host contains a web browser that is affected by multiple security vulnerabilities.


The remote host has Safari installed that is older than 6.1.4 or 7.0.4, and is thus unpatched for the following WebKit vulnerabilities :

- Multiple memory corruption issues within WebKit, which were addressed through improved memory handling (CVE-2013-2875, CVE-2013-2927, CVE-2014-1323, CVE-2014-1324, CVE-2014-1326, CVE-2014-1327, CVE-2014-1329, CVE-2014-1330, CVE-2014-1331, CVE-2014-1333, CVE-2014-1334, CVE-2014-1335, CVE-2014-1336, CVE-2014-1337, CVE-2014-1338, CVE-2014-1339, CVE-2014-1341, CVE-2014-1342, CVE-2014-1343, CVE-2014-1344, CVE-2014-1731) - An issue with the way unicode characters in the URL are handled could result in bypassing the browser's origin check (CVE-2014-1346)


Upgrade to Safari 7.0.4 or later. If version 7.0.x is not available, version 6.1.4 is also patched for these issues.