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MySQL User Defined Function Detected



The MySQL server running on the remote server appears to accept user-defined functions.


User-defined functions in MySQL can allow a database user to load binary libraries. The insert privilege on the table '/mysql.func' is required for a user to create user-defined functions. It was confirmed that MySQL on the Windows platform (and possibly other platforms, though unverified) is potentially impacted by the following vulnerabilities:

- If an invalid library is requested the Windows function 'LoadLibraryEx' will block processing until an error dialog box is acknowledged on the server. It is not likely that non-Windows systems are affected by this particular issue.

- MySQL requires that user-defined libraries contain functions with names fitting the formats: 'XXX_deinit' or 'XXX_init'. However, other libraries are known to contain functions fitting these formats and, when called upon, can cause application crashes, memory corruption and stack pollution.


The vendor has not released a fix for this issue. Ensure that the privilege of creating user-defined functions is restricted to authorized users.