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Google Chrome OS < 33.0.1750.152 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote mobile host was detected using an outdated version of the Chrome OS.


Chrome OS version 33.0.1750.152 (Platform version: 5116.115.4/5116.115.5) was released with fixes for the following security vulnerabilities :

- Memory corruption in V8 via the builtin ArrayBuffer property access, which can lead to remote code execution (CVE-2014-1705) - Command injection in Crosh via the try_touch_experiment function, which may allow a context-dependent attacker to run arbitrary commands (CVE-2014-1706) - Path traversal issue in CrosDisk due to insufficient user input sanitation when mounting a source (CVE-2014-1707) - Issue with file persistence at boot, relating to a flaw in dump_vpd_log (CVE-2014-1708) - Memory corruption flaw in the AsyncPixelTransfersCompletedQuery::End() function in the GPU command buffer, which a context-dependent attacker can leverage to run arbitrary code (CVE-2014-1710) - Out-of-bounds write in the GPU driver, which can be leveraged to execute arbitrary code (CVE-2014-1711) - Use-after-free error in Blink bindings used in the V8 engine, which can be leveraged to execute arbitrary code (CVE-2014-1713)


Update Chrome OS to version 33.0.1750.152 or later.